Friday, July 11, 2008

Rain Stopped Play

Tell me, where has summer gone? Was it ever here? Was it that hot weekend we had in May? Who knows? The garden is wet, soggy and looks completely abandoned. The lawns desperately need cutting. We have mushrooms and toadstools growing in amongst the clover and the rose petals are blowing in all directions. Damp looking birds huddle on roof tops and shelter under branches, all the sounds and vibrancy of a typical summer garden have gone.

The poppies are here today and gone tomorrow dashed by the wind and rain their short flowering time cut even shorter by the inclement weather.

There is a small hint of better days to come; the sweet peas are growing strong and have been taken out of the green house now but will they ever flower if they don't get any sunshine?

Who knows? I drift in some sort of limbo between work and home gazing out of the windows onto a dreary, cold looking canal, unusually devoid of leisure boats, at work and onto the sodden garden at home, without any energy or inspiration to do anything.

I feel like one of Chekhov's three sisters, sitting and longing, not to go back to Moscow but to experience the warmth and delight of summer, just for a few days, please?


  1. Invitation to a picnic in my garden,the birds a chattering and they told me summer starts in August this year...

  2. I know how you feel! I did at least get some sunshine in Suffolk last week. Glad it isn't just my garden that looks bedraggled and uncared for - I keep looking at it and thinking I should do something about it but so far I haven't done a lot:(

  3. Oh Rosie! Shall we all emigrate?

  4. dutchess - I'm looking forward to the picnic, it sounds lovely:)

    rowan, glad you enjoyed Suffolk there always seems to be less rain in East Anglia than closer to the Pennines or the Welsh hills, doesn't there?

    valerie, It is very tempting at the moment - I think I'd always want to live here but it would be wonderful to have somewhere in France or Italy to go to for a couple of months each year - note to self - must buy a lottery ticket:)

  5. I just hope that the summer sunshine arrives a week on Thursday when we break up from school for the summer holidays. It's just about bearable when I just go out to work daily but if I have all that free time to enjoy myself and it still rains then I think I might just scream ! :(