Saturday, December 01, 2007

Welcome December

Well, it's the first of December and although Christmassy things seem to have been around since the end of September, I've been trying not to get too distracted by it all until now. I love Christmas and all it entails but I don't like how it all begins so early that we miss out on other seasonal pleasures. I know we probably want to buy cards and start on the baking and present buying well before now but I'm sure we can do that without having 'Mary's Boy Child' and 'All I need for Christmas' blasted in our ears in supermarkets and shopping precincts from early November onwards - it takes away the magic of it all - especially for the little ones. My only preparation so far has been to make a plum pudding, to buy card blanks to start printing out our cards and stamps to post them with. I've also made a list of presents to buy and will start that next week.

We hope, if work allows, to visit the '17th century Christmas' event at Ford Green Hall next weekend and also the Mummers' play.

This time last year we spent a couple of days in York which was wonderfully festive just at the right time; here is their tree from last year - I wonder if they have the same one this year?

Another thing we usually do in early December is to visit Little Moreton Hall and listen to the festive early music played and sung by the colourful PIVA. This, more than anything else, puts me in the mood for the coming festivities although, because of work commitments we may not have time this year which is a shame because I will really miss seeing them.

I took this photo of holly at Little Moreton last year. I wonder if it will be full of berries again this year?


  1. Hello Rosie - thanks for recommending Nottingham Ikea, I'd not thought of that option, great! I was in York yesterday for a day of festive shopping and I didn't see that amazing tree but wierdly I did see it in Manchester today and it looked fabulous. York was heaving for the St Nicholas Fair but so lovely. Shame you won't get to see Piva, Eric and Jane from the group are friends of mine and we organised the Leek 800 festival together this summer which was excellent fun. Enjoy Little Moreton Hall, what a great place.

  2. Hi Steph, I think Piva are great:) Fancy the tree being in Manchester - you have had a busy weekend out and about - glad to know the tree is still around, it is spectacular.