Sunday, December 09, 2007

Feeling slightly Festive

By the time we'd finished work at 2pm. I was ready just to crawl into that bed and draw the curtains snugly around and go to sleep. This week has certainly taken its toll. We have one day off tomorrow and then we have to work nine days in a stretch until the work is done; then it is all systems go to get ready for Christmas. We were determined to get to the 17th century Christmas event at Ford Green Hall this afternoon and we did manage it. The rooms were newly decorated with fresh greenery, the little coffee shop was busy and the smell of oranges and cloves from the pomander making room was gloriously festive. In the main hall the table was set and the musicians, an ensemble called Forlorn Hope, were in front of the fireplace ready to entertain us with a selection of period tunes and few later seasonal ones too.

I managed to take one or two photos of the hall itself but none of the musicians. Paul has put some photos of them on his blog. In the meantime here are a few corners of the hall.

Even the spinning wheels were given a festival feel.

and the staircase too.

The hall itself is a gem in the middle of the city sprawl. It is one of the few surviving buildings of Stoke's pre-industrial past. The timber framed section was built in 1624, as a farmhouse, for Hugh Ford a wealthy yeoman farmer. The building remained with the Ford family for about 200 years. In the 18th century the brick extensions were added and in the 19th century it was turned into two cottages. It was purchased by the City Council in 1946 and is now one of the four splendid museums in the city.


  1. How wonderful, and what an inspiration...I will be getting started on christmasing up the house this weekend.

    Thanks for your comment over on my blog.
    max indeed was a special pal.


  2. What an interesting old house that would be to see. Here in Canada things aren`t near as old, so it always amazes me when I see them and imagine all the lives and history that has occurred there.
    Have a Merry Merry Christmas Rosie!


  3. Ford Green Hall looks really nice and very rural:) I always think that those arrangements and decorations made from natural things look so much more attractive than all the glitz of modern ones. Hope you aren't working to exhaustion point, there's so much to do at this time without the distraction of going out to work as well!