Monday, December 03, 2007

Cake, Moon, Bears in a Bath and Green Teeth

I really wasn't going to make a Christmas cake this year but I had enough dried fruit left from the plum pudding to make one, all I had to buy was ground almonds and glace cherries. When I'm baking I always use the Be - Ro book. I have two copies, both quite old and torn with pages stuck together here and there, but I always find them so reliable. I remember when I was a child my Mum having a copy with a brown front cover with a family on the front. I have a square 'centenary' edition and a later blue one. I wonder what happened to the old brown one? The cake turned out rather well and is now stored away for icing later.

This morning I had to pop onto the back garden to retrieve the wheelie bin and get it ready for collection. The moon intrigued me so I decided to try to photograph it. Not a great photo but it was only about 7a.m. and still quite dark. Apparently the moon early today was a waning crescent.

Later in the morning we had to pop up into Hanley to sort out the bank problem I spoke about in a previous post. The bank admitted being at fault and all is now resolved, thank goodness. Whilst Paul dealt with that I was trying to find a star shaped cookie cutter. On my perambulations around several shops - no joy in finding one that wasn't too small - I came across these little chaps in BHS - a bath full of bears!

Then it was up to the outpatients department at the hospital for Paul's blood test where I overheard the following conversation in the seats behind me between what sounded like a little girl and her grandmother:-

Shall we go for a cup of tea when we're finished here?

Yes, and can we have some sweets as well?

No sweets today because of your teeth, anyway, you haven't brushed your teeth today.

I have!

You haven't!

How can you tell?

Because your teeth are green.

No, they're not.

No one will kiss you if your teeth are green!

I had to smile.

I'll be working from tomorrow morning through until Sunday morning 6a.m. until 2p.m. each day so may not have much time for writing until my next day off on Monday. I'm still hoping we can get to the 17th Century Christmas event I mentioned in my last post so I may report back on that next time.


  1. Hi Rosie,
    Your post made me feel a little wistful today. When I saw the picture of the moon that you took, I wished I had gotten up when I first woke up at 7:00 instead of laying in for another hour.
    Your kitchen looks so nice, and shiney and the cake looks lovely.
    The little shops so close to you. I would have to drive into town to see a lovely bath shop like that.
    All the best with Pauls tests.

  2. So glad you sorted out the bank I was very cross with them for you!! Are you sorting mail? or delivering it? Hope Pauls tests are OK

  3. thanks lois & catherine for your good wishes for Paul.

    lois, BHS is a high street chain and sells clothes as well as homewares. The do have some nice things - it's ages since I'd been in there so I was surprised.

    catherine, neither sorting or delivering. We have to monitor on computer screens images of mail that the sorting machines can't read properly for many reasons like badly written or badly addressed. We have to sort them all out and send them back to be read again. Done lots of foreign ones today and we have a special code for those going to 'Santa in Lapland' :)

  4. Wow thats a bit different!! Are there loads of badly addressed parcels???

  5. I don't know about parcels but there are many letters badly addressed. Post code in the wrong place, place name only, illegible or feint handwriting. Business letters in window envelopes where the address isn't in the window - address but no country for the foreign ones. I think some of the glossy envelopes and inks don't scan well also those with pictures mislead the machine and it will read a post mark or a drawing of a christmas tree if it is darker or stronger than the address :)