Friday, October 28, 2011

The One Where.........

........the content of the post bears no relation to the photograph accompanying it! 

Swan on the lake at Trentham Estate taken last Sunday morning
 In a week where everything has been about the glorious weather, (except yesterday but we did need the rain!), woodsmoke in the air,  Halloween pumpkins and pomegranates in the market, ghostly and macabre apparitions in shop windows, children off school on bikes and scooters down the road, Diwali fireworks and a 'penny for the guy' collector we have received our first Christmas card.   I wasn't in the least surprised to receive it so early, knowing from whom it came, but what did surprise me was to receive one for 2012 as well.  Let me explain!

We have a dear elderly friend who, each year sends or gives us a package containing an Easter card, a wedding anniversary card and two birthday cards and I keep them safe and open them as each event comes along.  Our friend is now 86 and is concerned about losing her memory - I have to say when I speak to her each Sunday morning she is as bright as a button and when I can't remember something like a name or place she is quick to fill in the blanks. She also tells me that non of her family have ever lived over the age of 87 and so she has sent us a card for 2012  just in case she  a. loses her memory or b. doesn't get to the end of next year.  Half of me is amused by this but the other half feels quite sad, disturbed, uneasy - what other words can I use to describe the whirligig of emotions?   I expect I will put the card somewhere safe (not too safe or I'll never find it!) and open it  when the time is right and hope I can still 'phone her to say thank you.  

On a brighter note don't forget it is 'Feed the Birds' day tomorrow.  Here is a link to the - RSPB - site.  I shall just carry on as normal as I feed the birds every morning - I love to sit and watch them through the window as I eat my lunch.  Also tomorrow is the end of British Summer Time so the clocks go back an hour.  Remember Spring forward and Fall (Autumn) back. This of course means the evenings getting darker earlier which I don't like very much.

We've got a busy weekend ahead with a first for me of a Saturday funeral - I've never come across that before - so I'm going to schedule my post of photos for the October Scavenger Hunt and hope that blogger works as it should.

Well, whatever you have planned or not as the case maybe,  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. I think your friend sounds like a very organised person. I hope that you can thank her for the card in 2012 too! Saturday does seem an odd day for a funeral but I guess that it is entirely practical for most people by being at the weekend. I am sorry that the weekend will start off of a sad note and hope that you can have a more joyful Sunday.x (I have put up a recipe on my Linden grove kitchen blog that may brighten your weekend)!

  2. How sad, I hope your friend doesn't sit around and think about that all the time! Seems like autumn is a sad time, though.
    I don't even want to think about Christmas cards. Time slips by too quickly...

  3. Simone, thank you - I'll pop and have a look at the recipe:)

    Sissy - my friend is quite active for her age and capabilities and goes out and about to various concerts and talks etc as she can but she has slowed down a lot this year and does dwell on things when she is on her own:)

  4. Nothing like being prepared, I like her idea of sending all the cards at once.

  5. The swan does look very sedate!

    I applaud your friend for being so organised. I've just arrived home from the supermarket shopping and your post reminds me that, once again, I forgot to buy a birthday card for my sister in law. Her birthday is on Monday, so I'd better haul myself out through the door again!

  6. Very organised. Last year, on Boxing Day, I found a bunch of cards that I'd forgotten to post.

  7. That's a very organised elderly friend!

    It has been a lovely autumnal week hasn't it? We haven't had a lot of time to enjoy and I am feeling quite tired and in need of a day relaxing catching up at home!

    I'm doing really badly with the scavenger hunt, I just can't find things and I have no idea what constitues 'something eerie' - I can't think of anything!

    Hope you have a nice weekend, despite the funeral.

  8. Your friend sounds a lovely lady.

    My Aunt's mother in law had a Saturday funeral, I suppose in these times its better for all the people who work. Hope Sunday is a bit brighter for you.

  9. Your friend sounds bright as a button .... I think it's a generation thing. Our four parents are now reaching 80 and they never miss a birthday or occasion. But my mother -in-law has planned her own funeral (and her husband's) right down to the flowers and hymns ... and tells us about it every time we visit. How's that for organisation!!!!

  10. Your post made me feel a bit sad Rosie. I can't imagine what it feels like to be in your late 80's. I think like you said in your comment to Simone, that when you are on your own - you dwell on things - a bit too much really. Keep watching my Paris posts - I have taken some photos especially for you. xxxxxxxxx

  11. I also feed the birds all the time.I buy bird food in sacks.We have a cotoneaster tree in the garden which is weighed down with berries.Hope the birds eat them before any snow comes.Our next door but one neighbour is 90.following ovarian cancer 6 years ago she has now got breast cancer.She has had lumpectomy and starts three weeks of radiotherapy next week.Until this latest incident she was driving and very,very active.I just hope she will cope.her spirits are high so it's fingers crossed for her.

  12. That is a sad post from you Rosie but your friend is lucky to have a friend like you.

    A funeral is always a sad occasion and yet sometimes can be a time of holding fast the people who matter most.

    I hope you enjoy your extra hour on Sunday.

  13. I'm terrible at remembering birthdays. Your friend sounds so organised and thoughtful.
    I've never been to a funeral on a Saturday but it's not easy to get time off work nowadays unless it's for a close relative. So a Saturday would be better for most people to go along to I suppose.
    A sad start to the weekend but I hope it has improved for you. x