Thursday, January 07, 2010


Just a few of the things I've been observing today.

Chloe guarding the remains of the Christmas pomanders. I took the coloured ribbons off but was loath to throw them away as they still have a lovely smell - I thought cats weren't supposed to like a citrus smell!

Hyacinths - I bought and planted them in October but as I bought them loose and put them in the plain bag provided by the garden centre I couldn't remember what colour they were - it looks like they will be pink.

Our new bird feeding station bought in the sales for under £10 with some money we were given for Christmas. Hope the giver approves! The birds seem to like it and it is a lot easier to keep clean than the old wooden bird table.

The pond is well and truly frozen and covered with snow - there are animal footprints going across it as well as round it.

We took the Christmas wreath off the front door and left it on the garden seat - it is now covered in snow.

Some of the soft snow is disappearing now but it is very cold and icy - time for some warm tomato and basil soup for lunch.

This afternoon I went for a walk with a friend across the fields nearby known as Sammy's Pool. Needless to say the pool was frozen over. As we walked the sun was low in the sky and the light was so beautiful.


  1. I didn't think cats were supposed to like citrus smell either Rosie! I have bulb envy as I haven't grown any in pots and will have to get out to the shops to buy a plant when the snow thaws! I like your bird feeding station but I think Gizmo would too!

  2. The colour of that soup looks lovely!! My favorite soup is a tomato one from my school cookery book. My pomanders went a bit "manky" . What did I do wrong with them?

  3. Hi Rosie,

    Happy New Year!

    What a beautiful winter scene Rosie. I love the sight of snow on the fields and the soft winter light. You have certainly had a lot of snow this year ~ it has even been on the news here.

    Marie x

  4. Love your Hyacinths! I can smell their fantastic scent from here ;-)

  5. I am glad to see that my cat is not the only one who ignores my wishes and sits triumphantly upon the table! I understand you are having more snow that you usually does look quite beautiful. Happy New Year to you.


  6. Beautiful photographs. Boy, that soup looks good!