Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From the Bedroom Window

I took these photographs of our back garden earlier today from our bedroom window; with Max's help, of course!

Sorry, I know - more snow pictures but I couldn't resist as I wanted to take a photo of the bird under the willow tree - I think it may be a female blackbird. I've just walked into town and back in the wet snow; two pair of socks, wellies, two pairs of gloves, scarf and hat as well as a heavy coat, of course, helped to keep me warm and dry it just took me twice as long as normal.


  1. It looks like it's been dusted with powdered sugar!

  2. I am getting just a tad fed up with having to park the car on the main road and walk up the hill to our house, I want to see our drive again!!
    Bet Max is like my Lucy, bet he just wonders where it all came from!

  3. You have a lovely garden Rosie. It looks like a haven for wildlife. I have not ventured out much in this cold weather unless absolutely necessary!

  4. It still looks very beautiful. I wonder how long it will last? Just be careful on those very slippy paths! Thanks for the tips on doing my family tree - i'll have to start getting my info together.

  5. It does look very pretty and we all have to change to a lower gear which isn't always a bad thing. We are getting an unusual amount of thrushes, redwings and fieldfares in the garden, how about you?

  6. Laure - Hi and welcome - thanks for your comment:)

    Lyn - yes the weather is always our fault and we should be able to turn it off:)

    Simone - we are lucky to have lots of shrubs that the birds feed off and shelter in:)

    Diane - you are welcome hope you get started soon!

    Valerie - I haven't noticed any unusual birds but we are further into the city than you - I would love to see some of the birds you are getting in your garden:)

    Jimmie - Welcome - thanks for your comment:)

  7. Magical scenes :o) Thank You Max and Rosie xxx

    Hope You are both having a Lovely weekend xxx

  8. Your garden looks so pretty, Rosie!

  9. Your garden looks lovely even with snow on the ground. x

  10. Your last pic is the greatest with the little bird- you need a telelens, Rosie (so you don't have to go outside in the cold, and still can shoot a close up) - I know...they're expensive;)
    But who knows - on your wish list for next Christmas?