Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

The sunflowers bring a little bit of sushine on a day that is more like Autumn than Summer.

The laundry is drying inside, warmer clothes have been fished out of drawers and warming onion soup has been made for lunch; this evening the heating has been switched on. It seems ages, although only a few days, since we were walking on Crosby Beach in the sunshine.
Where has Summer gone?

(Edit 20/7/09 - I've just realised that I made it sound as if our heating had been switched on indefinitely when it was really just for an hour to take off the chill caused by the rain and to dry out wet clothes etc. This morning the sun is shining again with only the wet garden to give any clues as to yesterday's deluge.)


  1. Yummy! I really fancy some of that onion soup right now! I always find the British 'summer' an anti-climax. When it is hot it is usually humid and overcast. I much prefer a bright, fresh spring day or a crisp, cool autumn day. The sunflowers certainly brighten up the place.x

  2. I could scoff onion soup and croutons no matter what the season and Sunflowers are always a sight to behold. Brrrr!

  3. I think the summer is in Lincoln..someone told me that they were having plenty of sun there!

  4. The heating is on? Have you not go a jumper? We have had sunshine and showers today - when the sun was out, it was boiling hot. When the rain came - there was bucket loads of it!! I love the sound of the onion soup. xxxx

  5. It's much cooler here this weekend, which Edward loves!! Not cool enough for turning on the heat, mind you...but cooler than it has been. I've had the windows and doors all open with the breeze racing through the house!

  6. Simone - the sunflowers are very cheerful in the house I too love crisp and dry Autumn days.

    Prof Yaffle - the onion soup was very tasty as were the croutons.

    Sal - right - I'm off to Lincoln - climbing up Steep Hill would warm me through anyway;)

    Diane - yes we do have jumpers but we needed to dry out clothes and shoes etc so just ran it for an hour or so:)

    Pamela - your house always sounds so lovely with the breeze blowing through your doors and windows - if we leave ours open all the neighbourhood cats get in:)

  7. How lovely your sunflowers!
    When mine are overblown I just remove all their petals and add other colourful flowers.
    Have a great week, Rosie!

  8. Hot soup sounds like the perfect antidote for a wet afternoon, but what happened to the summer?

    Marie x

  9. We did the very same thing, even bought some sunflowers too!

  10. Michela, thankyou - what a good idea! Hope you have a happy week too:)

    Marie - good to see you here - Summer came back again yesterday for a few hours but it is raining again today:)

    Valerie - glad we are not alone - wasn't it damp and cold? At least the sunflowers are cheering:)

  11. Wouldn't life be boring without our UK summers! x