Saturday, July 04, 2009

Much Wenlock

As promised I'm taking you back to the 'Morville' visit and to the journey home. So, following on from Journey to Morville (parts 1 and 2) and At Morville (parts 1 and 2) here is The Journey Home.

With the wall painting poem about bell-ringing fines still in our minds we left the church and returned to our car and leaving the gardens and church behind, we set out towards Much Wenlock. It was a warm afternoon and children were wandering home from school along the narrow streets as we parked and walked down the high street. We'd been here before - a few years ago - to visit the Priory. This time we had a good look around the little museum in the old market hall which had been closed the last time we were there. It was an interesting museum of local history and geology with displays dedicted to Dr William Penny Brooks whose life long interest in heath and physical education led him, in 1850, to start the Wenlock Olympian Games and they are still held every year - this year from 10th -13th July.

Here are some photos taken along the High Street and Wilmore Street

Above is Reynalds Mansion - the 17th century frontage was added in 1682 - behind it is a medieval hall - I'd love to see inside.

The 16th century Guildhall was built as a court house in 1540 after the dissolution of the Priory. A council chamber was added above it in 1577

Holy Trinity Church

One of the lovely cottages on the Bull Ring - the lane which leads down to the Priory ruins

A wall with the flower I now know is Valerian growing on it

I've put together a collage of photos we took when we visited the Priory in May 2003 so you can see what the ruins are like; they are maintained by English Heritage.

It was time to think about going home so we headed out of Much Wenlock on the Ironbridge road passing through the village giving us a quick glimpse of one of my favourite sights - the iron bridge - and then towards Telford, Market Drayton and home.

Below is a photo I took of the bridge in July 2007.


  1. Beautiful photos Rosie. I would love to be transported back in time (as a fly on the wall) and see what went on behind the walls of those old buildings.

  2. We did the walk around Much Wenlock,in October.There aresome fascinating buildings. I really enjoyed it!;-)

  3. What a perfect bridge...and I love that valerian!!

    Happy Weekend to you!

  4. Much Wenlock looks a really interesting and attractive place, like you I'd love to see inside Reynalds Mansion!

  5. I love the name "Much Wenlock" Hubby and I visited this area BC (Before Childres) We loved it at Iron Bridge and we loved Blists Hill Museum. We changed our modern day money for old money (and got something like 1 shilling and 2d for which we managed to buy a couple of pints of real Cider and Beer, a pasty each and a newspaper of the day. Twas great fun. Your photos are lovely, and I want to have a look into that building too. xxx

  6. Thank you, two of my favourite places, Wenlock and Ironbridge. The bbokshop in Wenlock is my favourite. I fantasize about having my own lovely little bookshop just like it!


  7. Thank you Rosie, for taking me along on this delightful journey through another magnificent part of world. I especially enjoyed the view of the beautiful iron work on the bridge.
    Be well, be happy... Pam :D

  8. Great photos Rosie. Always love going on your trips. :)