Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Lovely Garden

A few weeks ago we visited another lovely garden, open on this particular day for the NGS or 'yellow book days' as we call them. We had travelled over towards Chesterfield to visit my sister and brother-in-law and luckily we were able to visit the garden at Fanshawe Gate Hall which is only about 10 minutes away, by car, from where they live.

The gardens have been created around a Tudor house although some parts are thought to be a lot older like the wonderful Dovecot above which has been restored over the last few years.

This is a side gate to the main drive - the steps beyound lead to the wildlife pond and the old English orchard.

This is the main drive up to the Old Hall, the cottage at the entrance to the gardens was once part of the main building of the hall, here the teas were served close to the Knot Garden.

The Knot Garden

I thought this border of ferns and hostas was particularly striking, my photo doesn't do it justice I'm afraid.

According to our little map these areas are called the hall borders, they are very pretty with cottage garden flowers against the old stone of the hall.

Above is the wildlife pond and beyond the orchard - here I met a very friendly spaniel who wanted to play 'fetch' - and I obliged for a while.

We thought that this was a Medlar tree - I meant to ask when we went for our refreshments but the ladies were so busy at the time and then I forgot to ask at the plant stall.

This is the back of the cottage; here there was a sitting room which visitors were allowed into - we stayed just long enough to sign the visitor's book. There was also an interesting display inside the dovecot.

This is the plant stall at the side of the old tithe barn which we visited on our way back to the car.


  1. I'll have to earmark this for next year as its not too far from me. It looks lovely. I would love to have such a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing. xxxx

  2. Hello Rosie!
    This garden is really lovely, thank you for sharing!

  3. Lovely pictures. I think you would have to be so patient to maintain a knot garden!

  4. How nice to have these lovely garden, pond and cottages so close by - a feast for the eyes - thank you for taking us with you!

  5. Fanshawgate Hall is wonderful isn't it? My friend and I went in June on a beautiful sunny afternoon, it's literally 10 minutes from where I live so I go nearly every year, looks like you got the not so nice day a couple of weeks ago:)

  6. What a magical place, thanks for sharing

  7. What a delightful garden. Thanks for sharing it with us. x

  8. I've really enjoyed clicking on your photos for a closer inspection of these lovely gardens, and lovely house! I am often inspired by other's gardens. I think I may have made a purchase at the plant stall on exiting! x

  9. Hello Rosie,

    What a gorgeous garden. I would love to step through that gate and enjoy...

    It is good to catch up with you again after a blogging break which lasted much longer than anticipated.

    Marie x

  10. Your photos of the gardens are breathtaking, Rosie. What I wouldn't give to take a walk around this wonderful place. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful journey. I enjoyed seeing it through you eyes.
    Be Well, Be Happy :D

  11. That is so pretty, especially the knot garden and topiary trees.

  12. A lovely garden. I love the knot garden! thank you for posting these lovely photos!
    Big Hugs, Bethxx

  13. My favourite type of garden. This is just beautiful. I've always had a love of long driveways....such anticipation. This one is perfect!