Saturday, August 11, 2007


On a recent visit to Chesterfield we decided to pay a visit to Revolution House. It stands just off the roadside in Old Whittington which is on the north-east side of Chesterfield about three miles from the centre of the town.

The little cottage is called Revolution House because of it's part in what is now known as the 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688, when the unpopular King James II was overthrown and William of Orange was invited to take the throne jointly with his wife Mary, daughter of the unfortunate James. At the time of the uprising the building, previously a small farm stead, had become an ale house called 'The Cock and Pynot' and was considered the ideal place for three local noblemen, the 4th Earl of Devonshire (later the first Duke), the Earl of Danby and Mr. John D'Arcy to meet to plot the downfall of their King. Under the guise of being a hunting party they met in the small parlour to discuss their plans.

Open everyday, except Tuesday, Revolution House makes for a very interesting visit. We watched a ten minute film in the little parlour where the plotters were said to have met. The larger parlour is furnished with period furniture and the upstairs houses changing exhibitions, the one for this year being a fascinating history of the Chesterfield Canal.

Just in case you were wondering, pynot, is a local word for a magpie. Just the one? Oh, no. 'Good Day, my lord.' - tugs forelock, crosses fingers and touches wood! Not that I'm superstitious, of course.


  1. Oh...what a pretty cottage!
    I have a little cyber gift for you at the bottom of my last post :)


  2. just popped over to have a look - thanks so much - will put something up on here later - off for a long walk now :)

  3. I've come via tea's blog and discovered a marvellous collection of interesting posts which I shall have to come back and read gradually as time allows. I've heard of the Revolution House without knowing much about it - it must only be 15/20 minutes drive from where I live so I must go and visit, I love buildings with interesting history attached to them.

  4. hello and welcome, rowan - glad you have enjoyed reading and hope you visit again soon. I'm sure you will enjoy Revolution House if you get a chance to visit :)