Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Loyalty Binds Me

On 22nd August 1485 Richard III, much maligned King of England, lost his life and the battle for the English throne to Henry Tudor, Duke of Richmond at the Battle of Bosworth.

Loyaulté me Lie


  1. I, too, am very pro Richard III. He got, in my opinion, a very bad press from very biased sources. In York there is a little museum devoted to him, have you been there?

  2. rowan, I tied to visit a few years ago but it was closed and last year when we visited York I was busy visiting other places. I will have to go back and try again. I'd also like to re-visit Barley Hall:)

  3. Rosie

    Is this the first commemoration in your blog? I can't remember any before, but I haven't been with you since the beginning. It's a great idea. I will have to look at the anniversary dates of my better known heroes and influences and link them with the ordinary folk who have inspired me.




  4. Robert, don't think I've done anything like this before - just struck me that I should - good idea re: local and national heroes & etc - may do some more myself :)

  5. oops - my memory - I did do one on 23rd April this year for Mr Shakespeare :)