Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Nice Surprise

What a lovely surprise to find out this morning that I had been chosen to receive this Nice Matters award by Tea at Tea & Margaritas in My Garden.
I've never had anything like this before so am not sure of what I have to do but I think perhaps I'm supposed to nominate someone else to receive one in which case I will choose Robert over at Park Views-Lenton Recreation Ground because of his enthusiasm for his subject - the Park and Recreation Ground opposite his home. I've also chosen him because of his dedication to both the park and his local community and because the words and photos he uses to convey his great affection for the area in which he lives are inspirational.


  1. Rosie

    I have just seen your blog. Susan and I have been working on a new temporary display for The Lenton Centre in time for next Tuesday, when Lenton Recreation Ground plays host to an event called 'Parklife' — a gathering of voluntary projects from across Nottingham plus, slather, slather, members of the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service (you know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink).

    AS for you kind words, what can I say? Thank you.

    Lots of love.

  2. Fire and Resue Service, eh? Hmm :)