Monday, March 12, 2007

It Never rains but It Pours

The day after letting Tom take his first venture outside for at least two weeks, we now have a problem with Chloe. Yesterday morning we set out early and had a long walk around Trentham Lake then sat and had a cup of coffee before venturing home. When we got back we let Tom out for his second outing and along with the other two cats we spent an hour or so in the garden tidying up before having lunch. As I was clearing up after lunch I went into the back of the garage to put some things into the recycling bins and looked out of the window to see Chloe sitting on one of the water butts looking very odd and unstable and then she fell backwards off the water butt. I shouted Paul and dashed outside where Max was chasing Chloe who was dragging herself across the garden her back legs dragging behind her and her body twisted to one side. My immediate thought was that she had injured her back or her back legs. Paul managed to catch her and we rang the emergency veterinary service who now use the P.D.S.A. hospital out of hours. We rushed her down there and she had loads of tests and x-rays and the good news is that she hasn't broken anything or damaged any internal organs - it just seems to be muscle and nerve damage. It took her ages to come round last night but this morning she seems brighter and is moving more easily than she was yesterday. So it looks like with a bit of rest she will be okay. She has to stay in today whilst Tom is taking delight in the fact that he is now free to roam again. Poor Max seems bemused by the whole thing.


  1. Dear Rosie

    Poor Chloe! I wonder if Tom and Max and co really know what's happening. I suspect they do, although sceptics may think we endow our cats with human traits they don't possess. We'll keep looking for updates, although one of us will probably contact you direct for a proper chinwag in a day ot two.


  2. Hi Robert, Chloe seems a lot better this evening - I left a message on your blog re the lovely ball photo but I think it has got lost in the system somewhere:)

  3. You know, Rosie, I hate to sound like a cynic, but these cats are getting into something. Would a neighbor be putting something out for them to eat and get sick on? It sounds like radiator fluid poisoning. Cats are attracted to it because it's sweet, but it effects their nervous systems. We will pray for good health for beautiful Miss Chloe

  4. hi sissy, I think with Tom he did eat something that made him very ill - most of our neighbours a few doors either side and across the street all have pets mostly cats and a few dogs- but Tom has a large territory and may have gone further afield. I think Chloe fell off the garage roof on to the water butt and concussed herself and then when Max chased her and we followed it made her panic - glad we got her checked out though. Thanks for your kind thoughts :)