Saturday, March 10, 2007

Breaking News.........

This afternoon Tom took his first turn around the garden since becoming ill 15 days ago. He spent 7 days at the vet's surgery and 8 indoors at home, he's lost weight and is still feeling fragile but he was glad to get out into the fresh air.

Max decided to celebrate Tom's return to health by inviting a few pals over for a patio party, here he welcomes Fudge, Sox and Ollie.

Meanwhile, Chloe decided to watch the proceedings from a safe vantage point. Too many boys around for her liking.

I think she prefers humans to other cats.


  1. Dear Rosie

    Susan and I are glad to read about Tom and to see that he is out and about.
    As for climate change and the impact it is having on so many things, especially our wildlife, I have come to the sad conclusion that our government lacks the courage to take on business or the electorate at large and nothing will really happen until its almost too late. In the meantime it's up to us to keep on doing our bit in the hope that America will come on board, because until that happens why should China and other emerging nations do anything?
    Like you we're on the side of the hedgehogs and the squirrels, even the pigeons who hang around our garden all day waiting for a few crumbs to fall off the bird feeders.

  2. So good to see Tom out and about again!!