Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Making Marmalade

Last Friday we decided to make some marmalade. We'd bought 3lbs of Seville Oranges the day before from The Country Larder at Trentham Gardens. It took all morning as the peel had to be chopped really finely:-

Then it had to cook for two hours before adding the sugar and lemon juice:-

Then it was returned to the heat to reach a 'rolling' boil before we could test to see if the setting point had been reached. Then the jars and lids had to be sterilised before we could add the marmalade. The finished product looked so colourful:-

Paul designed and printed out the labels on the computer and these were added once the jars were cool. We kept a little tester dish in the fridge to try with toast the next morning - it was delicious.


  1. Your marmalade looks wonderful Rosie! I bet it taste great on toast.
    Hope nothing else breaks for you there. I`ve found the same about things coming in threes. I`m just off to add you to my links :)


  2. Rosie!
    How beautiful! I bet you could sell those in a gourmet market!!
    Good for you!!