Sunday, February 25, 2007

Poor Tom

Poor tommy the tank is very sick. He's at the vet's surgery, attached to a drip to stop him getting dehydrated, and has been since Friday lunchtime. We may be able to bring him home tomorrow, but the vet still has concerns. They think he has some sort of bacterial enteritis but the worry is that it may be viral and if so this is going to be a problem because of the other two cats. At the moment the other two seem to be ok. He still has some tests to undergo tomorrow and we will know more then.

In the meantime the house just isn't the same without him.


  1. Poor Tom, I hope he is back home and feeling better by now. I'm just off to tell Susan. He looks very pleased with himself in the pic. Talking of pic, the marmalade looks yummy and reminds me to say thank you for the greengage jam you gave us last year and we have just eaten in the last week or so. It was wonderful.

  2. Ah, the greengage tastes of summer:)
    Will know more about Tom tomorrow morning. I don't really have to tell you that there is already a pot of marmalade with your names on it :)

  3. I hope Tom is okay - we've been through all sorts with our cats through the years and it's a very distressing time when they're ill. You're right - the house just doesn't seem the same when they're not there.
    Chin up.

  4. Anyone who raised a boy in the last decade can see who Tommy the Tank is named for!!
    Please keep us posted about your adorable kitty....
    We will keep him in our thoughts!