Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - January 2012

Well, it's time for a Photo Scavenger Hunt post again.  As always a big  thank you to Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. for continuing to inspire us and get us thinking and snapping each month!  Here are my efforts for January!

Two shadows across the defensive ditch at Castle Ring Iron Age Hill Fort, Canock Chase, Staffordshire

A hang glider over Thorpe Cloud, Ilam, Staffordshire

A group of cyclists keeping each other company along the Monsal Trail.  Photo taken just at the exit of the Headstone Tunnel.  Yes, we finally got to walk through the tunnels last Sunday - it was a good way of getting out of the very strong wind!

Entrance..... the Manifold tea-room, Ilam Country Park, Staffordshire.  Inside lots of people in warm hats and boots chatting and eating scones!

In your bathroom
Just one little corner!

In Season
Seville Oranges for making marmalade

In the Distance
Rugeley Power Station  beyond Cannock Forest taken from Castle Ring Iron Age Hill Fort on Cannock Chase

Information Board in the exhibition area at Ilam Country Park, Staffordshire.

After baking a cake!

Not odd weird but odd unusual!  A white fallow deer at Dunham Massey, Cheshire where we went yesterday to see the winter garden - I'll do a post about that later next week.

The squirrel's fluffy tail looks soft as does the distinctive white fur behind his ears!

Of the danger of soft mud at Tittesworth Reservoir, near Leek, Staffordshire.  I don't think the duck is too worried about it!

Here is a -  link  - to more of this month's entries!


  1. Great photos. I found this list a bit challenging!

    I did exactly the same for '2'! I wondered if you were going to use the little triangular park you mentioned as something odd!

    In reply to your comment, yes we could arrange a Lud's Church walk in a few months when the weather is nicer!

  2. Great job Rosie. The white fallow deer is particularly pleasing. x

  3. What a beautiful deer! I love squirrels' tails they look so cute and fluffy, well done for getting such a good pic, when they come to visit my garden I always end up with very fuzzy pics.

  4. great photographs. mine are bad this year.

  5. Loving your photos - once again mine are mediocre!

  6. Great photos, I especially like the distance and warning.

  7. Love the squirrel - you are an early bird, I still have 1 more picture to find.

  8. I love the duck and the squirrel and, unusually, the distant view of the power station :)

  9. Great photos Rosie. So glad you got to do the tunnels - you get a real different perspective from them I think. (Though I still find them scarey!) xxxxx

  10. Gorgeous pictures !!!
    I love them all !
    Hugs from here!

  11. Great photos, I'm joining in also and will post my photos tomorrow. Well done.

  12. Your white fallow deer was quite interesting, liked your sign too, I didn't realize there was any kind of mud but soft mud.

  13. nice photos! the in season one makes me realise I need to get my act together if i'm going to make marmalade this year!!

  14. It was a tough list in some respects, but you have some great entries! Amazing photo of the deer, and I nearly used the same "mess" photo! hehe!

  15. I liked this list because you could be a bit creative with . you photos are great!

  16. Lovely photos. I can just see Rugeley Power station from my window and can always see the clouds billowing from it! Suzy x

  17. Hi Rosie, just a quick note to let you know I have nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award, for full details check out my blog! Suzy x

  18. Love your photos for this challenge, we have a herd of white deer near us, they look like unicorns in the distance

  19. I tried to get a picture of the soft fluff behind Jester's ears but he wasn't feeling photogenic!
    A great mix of shots,

  20. Enjoyed your great photos Rosie. Loved the squirrel, I've never been able to capture one so close. Never made marmalade but never too late to learn!

  21. I've so enjoyed looking through your photos. We visited Dunham Massey sometime ago and went for a walk around the deer park, I don't remember seeing a white deer then but there's a few in a nearby park and they do stand out. Loving the thought of that marmalade and cake, you just made me wnat to go and put the kettle on :-)

  22. Great photos. The deer one is lovely.