Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things to Do

Today is a dull grey day and there have been plenty of those lately but they have been interspersed with some lovely days. Days that feel tantalisingly spring like but they also leave you with a false sense of security as far as the weather is concerned. We could yet have more bad weather before it really feels like spring and no doubt we will!

We managed a bit more work in the garden this morning; so much damage has been done to many of the plants and shrubs and it seems we may have lost more than we realised.  The willow we thought we'd lost last year has to be taken down as it really is dead.  In the same patch of garden are the ceanothus and tamarisk trees.  I mentioned in an earlier post that the ceanothus looked as if it hadn't survived the cold weather of late last year but now it looks as if the tamarisk tree may have suffered too!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of them!  Encouragingly there are a few green leaves showing now on the ceanothus but the tamarisk is ominously brown.

I was recently sent a novel by the author -Rosy Thornton - who had been reading my blog and noticed that I had read one of her books last year. The book I read last year - 'Hearts and Minds' - was set in a women's college in Cambridge.  'The Tapestry of Love'  is set in the CĂ©vennes region of France.  I've read a couple of chapters so far and I'm already hooked by the character of the heroine and the wonderful descriptions of the landscape and people.  I'll write a proper review later when I've finished reading. 

I've been knitting in the evenings whilst watching television - when there is something worthwhile to watch!  I must admit I'm hooked on the Danish thriller 'The Killing' on BBC4 on Saturday evenings.  I was sad to say farewell to 'Larkrise to Candleford' on Sunday evenings but am looking forward to it being replaced by  'South Riding' from the novel by Winifred Holtby; you will see it is on my favourite books list.  I'm also enjoying 'A History of Ancient Britain' with Neil Oliver, 'Life in a Cottage Garden' with Carol Klein and 'Britain by Bike' with Clare Balding.

I've mastered the ten rows of pattern -  nine rows of straight knitting and then the decreasing row which will give the cardigan its swing or flare at the back.

I'll be back shortly with the second part of last Saturday's adventure!  This outing was to take photos for February's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I still have four more subjects to find and one of them is quite a problem but I have a couple of ideas on where to find what I'm looking for this weekend!


  1. It is a shame about the plants but I am sure you will replace them with something equally as nice. I really enjoyed watching Larkrise and Carol Kleins series too. I may have to get her book. The book you was sent has such a lovely cover! You have got on well with your knitting. I look forward to seeing the finished result!

  2. I shall look out for Rosy Thornton's books.I am in two reading gps and also review books for a magazine and they are all taking a bit of pleasure out my reading by having to read certain books.
    Hope you rescue things in the garden.It is amazing how things that look dead come back to life.

  3. My garden is looking very similar - its such a shame. That book looks interesting - I shall await your review. I too am looking forward to South Riding - I do sometimes think that you and I were seperated at birth! x

  4. Isn't The Killing a good drama? I was surprised to learn that it is in 20 parts...eagerly awaiting the next episodes.

    Not much life in our garden as it is still under snow, but the thaw has started and I'm hoping that it will continue.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Marie x

  5. Similar catalogue of casualties of the cold snap here.
    How did I miss the BBC4 series? Sounds right up my street.