Monday, November 08, 2010

Water Everywhere

Well it's just like me to decide to write a 'watery' post on a day that rain is teeming down outside.  I struggled against the gusting wind and driving rain to get the wheelie bins out this morning.  Our blue bins are for plastics and they are so lightweight that most people's down the street are blowing all over the road.  I've managed to wedge ours with the paper bin the contents of which are more like papier mache now as the lid blew off overnight.

The garden looks rather forlorn - our two carved pumpkins still sit near the birdbath and the soggy lawn is covered with leaves, several rocket sticks from the weekend's fireworks and the remains of a Chinese lantern.  I watched several wafting in the air and travelling quite quickly towards us on Saturday night - one of them must have landed in the garden.

I took this first picture the weekend before last.  We drove out to Bakewell on the Saturday and the ducks, geese and gulls were as usual on the river crowded around the pedestrian bridges which go over to the car parks and cattle market.  It was very busy as there was a farmer's market too.

Yesterday we went for a walk around the lake at Trentham; in fact we walked around it twice!  We walked round one way, stopped for coffee and toasted tea-cakes and then walked back round the opposite way.  I took a few photos of the reflections on the lake.

The ducks were watching the swans dipping their heads into the water - and popping up with their beaks  covered in weed.

The reflection of the clouds looks like a smoky mist on the water.

Peering through the branches

What a difference a day makes!  I'm so glad we managed to get out into the fresh air and sunshine for a long walk as it looks as if the rest of the week is going to be very wet and windy.


  1. The lake looks so calm. I wonder what it looks like now? Do you fancy having a travel down there to take some photos for us Rosie?!!! I like imagining what the swans looked like with their weed covered beaks!

  2. Yes our English weather is so changeable, one day sunny and warm the next cold and wet or even frosty!!!

    My lawn is also very soggy and covered in leaves as I am in Worcestershire, not too far from Staffordshire so we have the same weather!

    Great photos, lovely post.

  3. We had a lovely weekend, but today is just awful!
    I love the photograph of the reflected clouds ... very clever!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. I know!!! What a contrast between yesterday and today!! Great photos. xxxxx

  5. Your water shots look so professional!
    We had a lot of rain last week and some villages in the nearby got flooded, it's so upsetting to see such a scenery on the news.

  6. Super photos.What a difference a day makes.Cold,wet and windy today.really must visit Trentham sometime.

  7. The reflections of the lake are beautiful! Enjoy the outside when it's dry:)
    Really like the sage green of your new blog look!

  8. I'm rather enjoying this wet and windy from the inside, but I'll soon tire of it when I need to go into town or the children go wild from too many wet playtimes!

    I like the reflections photos! I'm so glad the weekend was nice before the rain came!

  9. Lovely photos, it's been pouring here all day too and so cold.

  10. Beautiful images Rosie. I so wish Autumn would be like this every day! Alas we have had rain and wind here too - yesterday was awful. The only consolation on these cold evenings is being snuggled in front of a log fire.


  11. There's a little mill stream across the meadows in Bakewell, where the fish queue up to be fed. It's such fun watching them churn up the water, scrapping over the food :)

  12. Cold and crisp weather like we had at the weekend beats warm and wet for me. It's the wind I hate most, and especially when it drives the rain hard and you can't keep a brolly up!

    We must have grown up not far from each other, Rosie, (though I'm not sure how similar in age we are). I'm originally from Mansfield.

  13. Especially like your 4th photo. Yes our bins are all over the close this morning. Another very wet and blustery day down here. A good idea to walk back around the lake. A few calories in that teacake to burn off! x