Friday, May 21, 2010


One of my favourite plants is flowering in the garden. This is rhododendron 'Dreamland'; its lovely flowers turn from dark to light pink as they open - last week its buds were tightly furled, this week they have opened their faces to the sun.

We bought this plant about five years ago from the Dunge Valley Rhododendron Garden. The first year it stayed in its pot. The second and third year it was given a place in the garden but then we thought we were going to move so it was put back in a pot so I could take it with me. It is still in the pot and seems to be alright in there at the moment although it will grow to between three and four feet tall so it is probably going to have to go back into the garden soon.

Meanwhile in the rest of the garden we are all in a bit of a 'dreamland' - the very welcome warmer weather has slowed us down - the chairs have come out of the shed for morning coffee under the plum tree.

One of my other favourite plants the little pink clematis (montana rubens) is in flower over the leylandii at the top of the garden; it always looks so pretty in the evening light.

The frogs are basking in the pond - lifting their heads up into the air; there were 19 frogs in the pond this morning plus a few newts - I'm guessing the newts are the reason we don't seem to have any tadpoles this year.

Now Max has reached the age of fourteen and his black whiskers have turned white he likes nothing better than to sit in the shade of the plum tree in one of our comfy chairs. Meanwhile his sister Chloe stays indoors under my bedside table whilst the sun is at its highest.

The forecast is for more warm weather over the weekend so I'm predicting more 'mooching' about in dreamland - well the garden - at this house.

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you are doing!


  1. Dunge Valley Gardens are great aren't they? That rhododendron is beautiful and so is the clematis. It's clouded over here now though it's warm, let's hope we all get chance to sit out in the sunshine over the weekend.

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  3. I bet Dunge Valley looks lovely at this time of year!

    We've haven't had any tadpoles this year either. In the past we've had hundreds, but we now have a family of great crested newts living in the pond. There's also an adder who I have caught dipping into to the pond for snacks before so I think any frogspawn or tadpoles may have been eaten by something :(

    Such a shame, I was looking forward to watching the little frogs hopping around in the grass by the pond.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my! Your "dreamland"plant is wonderful! A good cup of tea and a slice of your yummy cakes, and it's like being in heaven..except for the frogs..but you could always send a few ones to Diane ;-)
    Have a great weekend xxxx

  5. Mooch away - thats my plan too. Have a great weekend Rosie.xx

  6. Dreamland is an amazing variety. I had to leave a comment here about its beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You have such a pretty garden Rosie and 'Dreamland'is such an apt name for that very pretty dreamy plant. I hope to be spending a fair bit of time out in the garden this weekend. Let's hope it is a glorious one!

  8. Have a wonderful dreamy weekend..we had to wait very long for this kind of weather!!
    The rhododendron is beautiful..and I just love the frogs:)))

  9. What a beautiful rhododendron - and isn't the weather beautiful too!
    I hope it lasts over the weekend and we can all enjoy a bit of mooching.
    Love Kathy xxx

  10. What a beautiful garden you have Rosie! Looks so inviting and relaxing.

  11. I've been taking photos of my Rhododendron today. Mine is in a pot as I have very alkaline soil. I have many jobs to do in the garden today, but am having to come in intermittently, as it is already so hot out there. Tis nice to see a snapshot of your garden, and hope to see more. x

  12. Ha Rosie, you cat has the right idea for sure!

  13. Your clematis looks spectacular, I might try growing one up our leylandii also, thanks for the idea.

    Your Rhodedendron is so pretty, hasn't it done well in its pot? You must have green fingers!

  14. Ah your weekend sounds very much like the one we have just had Rosie. Much too hot to do anything strenuous so insted we enjoyed lazing in the shade with a good book/snooze and a gentle evening walk in the woods.

    Your rhododendron is beautiful!