Thursday, April 01, 2010

Into April

It's April already! Where have the first three months of the year gone? Even though we are now on British Summer Time and definitely into Spring the weather has been really awful for the last few days.

I've decided to ignore the rain, wind, sleet and snow and make a Spring garden ready for this weekend.

I've also made an Easter twig decoration - how long it will last with the cats around I've no idea, I've already rescued one of the fluffy chicks!

Ready for Simone's Friday Cake Bake Paul has made some hot-cross buns - link to his recipe - and I've made some little fairy cakes with chocolate eggs on top.

My best wishes to you all for a very Happy Easter!


  1. What a great Easter party is going to take place "chez Rosie"!
    Today we're having rain too :(

  2. I do love all the Easter celebrations this week. I make so many Easter baskets to hide in the gardens of friends, it's so much fun! Of course, I steal a few chocolate eggs for myself!

  3. Happy Easter to you too Rosie - I was planning a walking fest for four days, but the weather forecast isn't very inspiring. Looks like having to be plan B !! xxx

  4. I love Easter..... pretty decorations, yummies to eat and no pressure (unlike Christmas).
    I think we expect too much of the weather at Easter ... best to just ignore it, as you say!
    Have a lovely Easter Rosie!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. Well Rosie, your post has definitely cheered me up! The weather here is appalling and not right for gardening at all. I like your little indoor garden and the easter display of eggs and chicks. I am sure Gizmo would have destroyed this within hours! The hot cross buns and cakes look delicious. Can I come to yours for easter?!!! x

  6. Those are lovely arrangements - handy for the cats too!

    The weather has been just as bad here, "up the road" from you, but the sun is out now!

    Found you via another blog - and thought that anyone who loved reading Stephen Booth must be on my wavelength!

  7. I like your hot cross buns and little cakes, Rosie. I've been busy baking too today - just the sort of day I like. Happy Easter to you and Paul.

  8. Have a lovely Easter.I bought lots of little chicks today to have around the house for when my daughter ,husband and 2 little girls come on Sunday.We were going to play spot the chicks around the house ,then an Easter egg hunt in the garden.Then I got a phone call to say Ruby(2) has chicken pox and they aren't coming.poor Ruby.

  9. I like your little indoor garden, at least it is spring inside if not outside.Those little cakes look rather rather moorish too!

    Have a Happy Easter Rosie.

  10. I love your Easter twig decoration -looks very dainty and pretty!As well as the little somethings to eat!
    Wishing you a joyous Easter!

  11. Happy Easter Rosie! Enjoy your delicious cakes and the sight of those (indoor) spring flowers.

    Thank you for your message of support. Life is very busy and I miss blogging, but the placement is going well and I'm looking forward to going home at the end of it...

    Marie x

  12. Happy Easter Rosie, to you and your family.

  13. i love all your cheerful displays, you really do make me feel i can forget about the torential rain we've had today and pretend that it's really spring :o)

    happy easter Rosie xxx hope you have a lovely weekend