Wednesday, April 07, 2010

In Crowgutter Wood

We'd been meaning to find these woods ever since they were recommended to me as a lovely walk by Steph at Curlew Country. On Tuesday we at last found our way there.

Luckily we always have wellies in the back of the car because they were needed after the recent heavy rain. It was very muddy!

It was so quiet and peaceful in the wood. All we could hear was the calling of pheasants across the nearby fields, smaller birds twittering and singing high in the trees and the babbling of a nearby stream.

Wild garlic was growing along the banks of the stream, alongside it dog's mercury and wood avens all coming out to greet the mild, spring weather.

We walked along up hill, down hill, over bridges up and down steps, and by old stone walls until we reached the end of the walk.

Which came out onto the canal just by Consall Station on the Churnet Valley Railway. The only people we saw for the whole walk were on the boat passing by on the Caldon canal.

We'd walked along this stretch of the canal on Good Friday morning and it was quiet then, too! Except for the sound of the wonderful steam train which passed by as we stood and watched.


  1. I love the thought of a babbling stream and birdsong. Bliss!!! x

  2. It looks like the perfect escape.

  3. That looks like the perfect sort of walk .... woodland, birdsong, no-one else about and then the canal!
    Love from Kathy xxx

  4. We love a good walk through the woods - looks like we both had the same idea over Easter!!! Love the canal and the steam railway .xxx

  5. What a lovely peacful visit you had, I'm hoping to have a nice walk this weekend,the weather is supposed to be very good. Garden Saturday,walk Sunday...lovely

  6. What a gorgeous walk. I love to walk in the woods. You can feel as if you are hidden away, miles from civilization with only the wildlife for company!

  7. Oh I'm so glad you found it Rosie! If you go back when the bluebells are out you'll be amazed. We never get any further than the stream on our walks with our two little boys, and it's wonderful to hear the train chugging through isn't it.

    Glad you had a lovely, if muddy, walk.
    Have a super weekend.

  8. Hope that you are enjoying this spell of sunshine. Your walk looks like the perfect getaway.

  9. You do find the most delightful walks Rosie - I love woodland walks and this one has the benefit of a canal too! It's good to get that whiff of wild garlic - did you pick any to take home? I always enjoy foraging!

    Jeanne x

  10. That looks a super walk.I can't wait to get out walking again.

  11. What a charming walk and sighting of a steam engine by the canal. Trains of any kind are getting a rarer sight to this day.

  12. your desciption is so vivid i can really imagine myself there. it's a very beautiful walk.. i love your photographs!

    hope you have a lovely week

    lots of love xxx