Friday, March 12, 2010

Scenes from this week and Tiffin

Although still very cold, especially in the mornings, the weather has been lovely. One evening earlier this week we had the most amazing dappled red sky.

The next day we walked around the lake at Trentham and the sky was so blue and the sun was warm on our backs as we strolled along the lakeside path.

Finally I managed to make something for Simone's Friday cake bake. Not so much a cake bake, more a melt, mix and refrigerate cake. The recipe for Tiffin is from the April issue of Sainsbury's magazine. Just melted butter, chocolate and golden syrup with broken digestive biscuits, dried fruit and nuts mixed in. Place in a small loaf tin and refrigerate until set, dust in cocoa powder and slice.

It's very rich, sticky and tasty!


  1. It is still very cold down here with a biting wind. It isn't so bad when it is sunny though is it? Lovely red sky picture. That tiffin looks quick and easy to make. A useful store cupboard standby! Have a lovely weekend Rosie.

  2. Hi Rosie! My mum makes something very similar to your Tiffin, with eggs instead of golden syrup, and pine kernels instead of dried fruits/nuts.
    I wish I could put my hand into my monitor and take a slice..he he!
    Have a good weekend! xxx

  3. I love Tiffin Rosie - you should move nearer to me and then I would call round on my way home from work!!!xxxxx

  4. the tiffin sounds delish! and your photographs are beautiful, i particularly like the one of the lake seen through the bare branches.

    have a lovely and relaxing weekend xxx


  5. Oh Tiffin! I can't eat it at the moment but as soon as I can I will be making some, your post makes me want to- I must resist!

  6. I would take the cold, if only we could see the sun!! He hasn't shown his face since Monday!!

    I love the word "tiffin"! Never heard of that before!

  7. The last few days have been lovely haven't they? I've been gardening trying to bring a bit of order to the chaos outside. The Tiffin looks good, I often used to make a version of that when the children were at home.

  8. Wow Rosie, what fantastic photos! My mum used to make something similar to Tiffin. Don't mind if I do! x

  9. We have had lovely bright days here this week - but it is still bitterly cold with frosty cars to deal with every morning.
    Good walking weather though - just wrap up warmly.
    Love Kathy xxx