Monday, March 22, 2010

Around the Garden

A few weeks ago we finally decided to buy a year long pass to Trentham Gardens mostly so we could walk around the lake again as we missed it so much - especially for the exercise! We've been four times since we bought our passes so by this time next year we will certainly have had our money's worth. I know I've done many posts about the lakeside and gardens so I just thought I'd post a few of the photos I took yesterday morning. It was a lovely sunny morning with just a slight chill as we set out around the lake. The sky was so blue, too.

After we had walked around the lake, stopping for morning coffee at the lakeside cafe on the way round, we went up into the parkland at the top of the formal garden and quickly spotted the four lovely ladies above.

Then we found these little chaps abandoned near a garden rubbish tip.

These tiny iris were growing in one of the themed gardens where we also found this tree with a hole.

Well, I don't need asking twice so I had a look through!

Ah, the formal garden in the distance.

The fountains are in the Italian garden.

Some of the architecture that survived when the main house was pulled down.

I love the sweep of this stone balustrade...

and these mushroom- shaped trees in the pretty blue/green containers!

We found some flowering daffodils too, a sure sign that spring is now well and truly here!


  1. Lovely lovely - That looks a great place. xxx

  2. Love those little Irises! And what a sunny day! xxxx

  3. Those daffodils are some of the first I've seen out! Trentham Gardens looks like a really nice place to go for a long Sunday walk.

  4. A beautiful day with lots of lovely discoveries for you. I think spring has finally arrived. My daffodils have popped open! x

  5. What a lovely day Rosie. Trentham Gardens reminds me of our favourite walk at Ickworth, especially the balustrade.

    I can see you whiling away many a happy hour throughout the year!

    Just off to catch up on some posts - congratulations on your blogging anniversary.

    Jeanne x

  6. I love the old buildings in the garden at Trentham. I've had a boat ride there and walked around the gardens and shopping village, but I have not yet walked around the lake or into any of the woodland parts. It's been 2 or 3 years since I last visited, so I think I will have to go back and explore a bit more soon.

  7. Such a shame you have to pay now.

    It might be spring but it sure feels like winter here today.

  8. That looks like a lovely place for a Sunday stroll - and spring has finally sprung I think!
    Love Kathy xxx

  9. the tree with that big hole is intriguing!

  10. Hello there! I came by recommendation of the marvelous Dutchess, who has mentioned you on her blog....what a lovely place, this corner of your mind!


  11. I've noticed the daffodils have finally decided to bloom. A lovely walk. Thanks Rosie. x

  12. What a wonderful overview of a beautiful park. I, too, like the stone balustrade.

  13. Trentham gardens look great.I must put them on my Places I must Visit list.

  14. so beautiful! and such a surprise to see the little stone creatures there.