Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the Forest

Yesterday we walked in Macclesfield Forest. We'd never been before so there was a lot to discover - too much for one visit so I'm sure we will return another time to try some of the many walks on offer.

We decided to head towards a place on the map marked as an observation point.

We set off along the waymarked route towards Shutlingsloe - from the ranger's centre and car park there are four colour- coded routes you can chose of various lengths and terrain.

Some places were still covered with a dusting of snow and the paths were extremely icy in places.

Ah, so that is where we are headed! Hmm - I think we need to return in slightly warmer weather and with proper walking boots on and not wellies as it looks quite a serious climb. It is known locally as 'The Matterhorn of Cheshire'.

A bit closer but still in the cold air it seemed like a step too far to try for the top. Apparently from the summit you can see the village of Wildboarclough on the other side. The ranger told us later that you can walk to the pub in Wildboarclough for lunch - now that sounds like a good plan!

Looking back the way we had walked you can just see Tegg's Nose in the background.

It is time to turn round and follow the path back to the car park.

We stopped to look at the herons at Trentabank Reservoir on the way.

Then we drove round to look at St Stephen's Church also known as the Forest Chapel which looked wonderful nestling in the countryside around it. One of the walks from Tegg's Nose comes down by the chapel. In August each year the church celebrates the ancient custom of Rushbearing. The church is decorated with twisted rushes inside and out and they are also strewn on the church floor to create a rush carpet.

Just by the church was a lane still piled high with snow.

This is how I remember snow as a child when all of us children struggled to walk to school arm in arm through the drifts.

Hope you have all had a great Valentine's Day!


  1. You do go on some lovely walks Rosie. Unfortunately I am the only one in my family who enjoys walking so I have to be content with looking at your pictures instead!

  2. I remember snow drifts like that, I lived in Cranberry near Standon Bowers and many times I could not get the school bus as the lanes were feet deep in snow. Love the photos.

  3. Gosh, theres still alot of snow left!! That looks like a great walk - I like the idea of lunch!! xxx

  4. This is my neck of the woods! I grew up in Macclesfield and my first serious boyfriend lived on a farm in Wincle just up the road from the Wild Boar:) I rather think his brother still farms there.

  5. Lovely photographs, Rosie. We still haven't been out on a serious walk this year. Our weekends have been spent in indoor places so far! Brrr!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photographs, Rosie. What a lovely walk you had.

  7. This looks such a lovely walk Rosie and one to enjoy in all seasons ... its always reassuring to reach either a church or a pub, or both, after a long walk!


  8. There's some lovely walks around the UK isn't there. I would definitely recommend walking shoes to climb the mountain, and a pub lunch the other side! x

  9. These are wonderful photos. I am glad I discovered your site.

  10. Simone - I'm glad you enjoy walking with me:)

    Amanda - you were out in the 'wilds' of Staffordshire - no wonder it was difficult to get to school along those lanes:)

    Diane - thought you would like the idea of a pub lunch:)

    Rowan - happy memories I hope of time on the farm and of Macclesfield too:)

    Kathy hope you are able to get out walking soon:)

    Karen - thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos:)

    Jeanne - yes it is reassuring to see something welcoming at the end of a long walk:)

    Louise - yes we are definitely taking walking boots with us next time we visit:)

    Paul - welcome - so glad you enjoyed the photos - thanks for following:)

  11. What a lovely walk (though a bit chilly!). Enjoyed reading about the Rushbearing custom at beautiful St. Stephens church... and the photos of this picturesque spot.

    I remember a St. Stephens church from my childhood.... wonder how many churches in England there are with that same name? :-)

  12. Beautiful pics! Seems the snow is disappearing:) I wonder about the purplish cast on the pics - do you have a certain setting, or do you put them through Photoshop?

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