Saturday, February 06, 2010

February Things and Seven Things

Last week was quite busy with various things. We both had hospital appointments one the day after the other, another family funeral and after all that we had cavity wall insulation installed. Then Paul spent a couple of days putting more insulation in the loft which was difficult to do as you can't stand up in our roof space so it entailed a lot of crawling about.

This week we seem to have had far more time and thank goodness, better weather. We have bought some Seville oranges so that we can make some more marmalade this year.

We also managed a muddy walk at Trentham in the woods. It was good to get out and about for a walk again after all the bad weather.

Now the Hyacinths are past their best the Cyclamen and Hellebore are in flower.

On Friday morning we walked from Ashbourne along the Tissington Trail as far as Thorpe and back.

We set out in cloudy, misty weather but as we walked the cloud lifted and the sun began to filter through.

For ages we were the only people walking on the trail. It felt as if we had the whole world to ourselves, it was so peaceful.

The empty path stretched out ahead of us. The birds were singing in the trees.

And the sheep were baa-ing in the fields.
We walked along in appreciative silence.


  1. I hope the month gets better and better for you Rosie. Spring is not too far off now (I keep telling myself). The Hellebore looks lovely. I didn't know you could keep it as an indoor plant.

  2. Long walks such as this peaceful one are the best ways I know of to clear the winter dust from the mind! I love the hint of sunlight through the grey. Lovely.

    and I wish you a week filled with better activities that the last one!

  3. Aah. even though it was muddy, it's refreshing to walk without seeing another soul!
    Really love the pic where the soggy ground is zigzagging on the path:)

  4. You have just reminded me-I was going to make some marmalade this year-better go and grab those ornges!
    Hope your walk blew the cobwebs away.

  5. You and me both with the hospital appointments!! Hope you are both ok - sign of old age !! I was going to tell you my funny story about the time we discovered the tunnel near Ashbourne on the Tissington trail. We didnt read the board at the entrance that told you about the "sound effects" and half way through the tunnel, we heard the "approaching train". Me and my sis panicked like mad - she said a swear word and I piddled my knickers a bit!! The young man made us all line up against the wall as the train "approached" and we noticed a cyclist at the end of the tunnel start pedling like mad as the train got nearer and nearer!! I hadnt noticed that there were no train tracks, and I couldnt understand why my hubby thought it was so hilarious! Think of me next time you are in that tunnel!

  6. What a lovely post. Your blog is so refreshing - I love your photos.

    I have just nearly piddled my pants too after reading the comment from Diane about the Tissington trail and the train - lol.

    We've just had a few hospital appointments in our family too. However mine was a good one and after ten years of going back and forth for check ups I have now been released!!! Yeah. Hubby still has to go for his though and our son is still seeing the orthodontist, although we have been able to dispense with heart dept. and paediatrician check ups now. These hospital appointments usually take up most of the day.

    Hope your walk refreshed you both.

  7. Enjoyed the walk... those oranges look so sunny and vibrant. Homemade marmalade... yummy!

  8. Thank you so much for voting for the bees !

    We had a family funeral also, I have never felt more in need of Spring and the smell of hyacinths.

  9. Hi Rosie!
    Sorry to hear you had another funeral..hope everything went well with both your hospital appointments.
    Like Simone I thought Hellebore was just an outdoor plant :)
    Take care, xxxxxx

  10. Lovely to have places like the Tissington Trail to yourself, that's an area I must find time to visit this year. I've got some Seville oranges too, must do something with them this week!

  11. I don't know why but I found the bowl of oranges very cheering. Thanks so much for posting it. Sound like you had a lovely walk--so beautiful.

  12. I hope the weather will change soon...I missed making long walks...there was just to much snow and ice...The birds are doing their best in the Hilltop trees...the sound of birds always make me feel better..Hope is a thing with featheres..:)))
    Happy Day...!

  13. Your bowl of oranges certainly bring a touch of sunshine to a very bleak month. x