Saturday, March 14, 2009

How do you Like Yours?

This post takes its inspiration from a comment made by Jeanette on my piece on World Book Day about me, an English Woman, drinking tea from a mug. I do have a favourite mug and I have to have my first drink of the day from it. I love to sit in bed. first thing in the morning sipping my tea and gradually waking up, with the cat curled beside me - usually with her paws over her eyes - in her determined oh, no, don't wake me up yet pose.

We do have cups but as I'm the only tea drinker in the house and Paul prefers mugs to cups they tend to only come out of the cupboard if we have company. We have pretty cups from Spode:-

Cups from the 50s, 70s and 80s:-

Cute cat mugs from Emma Bridgewater:-

Mugs with all sorts of designs like vintage, retro and modern.

But I do love my favourite mug.

I love its colour, its shape, its texture and the feel of it . I can hold it in both hands and contemplate the start of the day, think through what I have to do, mull over problems, it offers me both comfort and security. How weird is that? Does anyone else have a favourite mug that they always reach for from the cupboard before any other?

Now coffee is another matter. I love coffee at 11a.m. and have a ritual which involves warming the cafetiere, adding the coffee, stirring the requisite number of times with a long spoon and then leaving it to stand for the right amount of time before finally lowering the plunger and pouring the coffee into a mug to drink and I never, ever use my favourite tea mug for coffee.

Edit - I've just noticed that I've been blogging for four years. My first post was on 14th March 2005. That calls for a cup of coffee to celebrate I think!


  1. Wonderful pictures of your tea cups, Rosie. There is something very special about drinking tea from a tea cup. I just enjoy it more. Have a great weekend, Rosie!

  2. The Spode tea cups are very pretty. I also like the Emma Bridgewater cat mugs. I have a spotty Emma Bridgewater mug but I have yet to use it.I usually use whatever mug I lay my hands on first but I do like to sip my tea from a thin lipped Mug!

  3. I love my cuppa.
    I don't care what I drink my tea out long as it is not plastic!!
    One morning recently,I was so thirsty,that I made a big jug of tea and drank it out of that!!
    So I spose you'd call that a 'jugga'!

  4. Lovely tea cups Rosie..My favorite tea mug..a gift from my daughter.It has a Winnie the Pooh decoration..:)I drink tea in the afternoon In the morning my husband is the first to go downstairs to the kitchen and make coffee. We drink coffee in bed..its the perfect way to start the day..

  5. My family have always thought I'm a bit crazy when it comes to how I drink tea. I just cannnot, simply cannot drink tea out of anything but a china cup.

    I am positve that out of a mug it tastes different.


  6. Rosie,
    Very honored that my comment inspired you to write this post :) I love the Spode teas cups and your blue cup/mug with "Tea" on it,
    but my favorite tea "cup" is a tea glass, simply because it stays hot the longest in glass, and I like to see the color of the tea while I drink it.
    For coffee we have an endless variety of mugs.

  7. Isn't it funny. The little rituals that make our worlds turn properly. I have a fat, little mug that is sort of a cross between a cup and a mug that I use every morning for coffee. My husband makes the best coffee and I drink that when I get up. Tea is my drink for rest of the day and I really like that best with cup and saucer.

    And now, I want some!

  8. Have to drink my tea - Whittards Earl Grey - in a bone china mug, just doesn't taste right out of any thing else. Coffee is drunk out of a Denby Imperial blue mug.
    Great pics as usual.
    Rosie x

  9. I always like to drink tea from a cup and coffee from a mug. It seems to taste better that way but no idea why.