Sunday, September 28, 2008

On the Edge

It was a wonderful day yesterday so we decided to make the most of the warm weather by taking a walk we had always wanted to do but had somehow never got around to. We occasionally used to pass through the village of Alderley Edge on our way to the shops at Handforth Dean. It was a surprise to learn that it was still classed as a village as, in appearance it is like a small town. What other village in England has such lavish housing, a TGI Friday on its main street, expensive flower shops and delicatessens and its Oxfam shop full of designer clothes? Of course Alderley Edge and its environs is home to a few premier football players and actors who have made their name in various TV soaps although this time it wasn't the village we were interested in but the place from which it takes its name, the edge itself.

We parked at Hare Hill and prepared to walk the two miles to The Edge following the waymark signs. We set off at about 10.45a.m. By now the sun was bright; the first chill of the day was fast disappearing and we were enveloped by a growing warmth in the air.

We walked across the fields, still slightly rutted and muddy in places from both the recent rains and the trampling of cattle, glad of our sturdy shoes. As we walked I was surprised to see several people struggling across the grass in flip flops or elegant designer shoes with gold toe caps and heels.

By now the light was so bright it became really difficult to take any decent photographs. We entered the woods walking on a carpet of fallen russet coloured leaves. Along the way we passed rabbit holes.....

.....derelict farm buildings and......

.....interesting rock formations.

Up sunlit paths amongst tall trees with twisted branches and.....

...straggling, intertwined root formations. The photos just don't do justice to the beauty of it all.

At last we reached the Edge itself. By now it was really warm, the sun was high in the sky and many people were out enjoying their walks and picnics.

The view was stunning and people were just standing and staring and asking each other to take family photos - all with warnings not to step back! I just sat and watched whilst Paul was taking photos.

We consumed our picnic by the ancient cave and then it was time to walk all the way back to Hare Hill.


  1. Oh, how I would have loved to take Edward on those forest pathways today! So wonderful.

  2. I always love to go on other bloggers' walks! This one looks so lovely!;-)

  3. One of the best places to find conkers, a National Trust garden near Alderley Edge! It's lovely at this time of year. Let's hope we get a few more Indian Summer days.

  4. Another beautiful walk... please keep them coming... you're better than the travel shows on TV!

  5. thanks once again for your kind comments - glad you enjoyed the walk - it was the most beautiful day.

    valerie - we plan to go back and look at the garden at Hare Hill - we ran out of time on Saturday but could glimpse it through the fence near the start of the walk.