Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Walk at Baslow

Yesterday, on our way to Chesterfield to visit my sister, we stopped for a little walk and leg stretch at the village of Baslow. We'd set out from home quite early and made our way towards Leek, over the hills by the Roaches and down into Buxton. The town was quite busy and looked wonderful in the early morning's misty light. The car park in Baslow is just behind the green, near the village hall and there were already quite a few people parking their cars and getting prepared for a walk; struggling into walking boots, shrugging on waterproof jackets and juggling back packs, walking sticks and plastic coated maps. As we only intended a half hour walk we set off pretty briskly along the path towards Chatsworth Park.

We walked over the little stone bridge which crosses the River Derwent and down by the little thatched cottages, all looking lovely with neatly trimmed hedges and pretty late summer/early autumn flowers in their small front gardens. I wonder what it is like to live in them, in such a beautiful village but with so many people passing by? I expect the owners are used to it all.

Walkers enter the park through the unusual kissing gate, the whole of which rotates to transport you from one side to the other, it was causing quite a lot of amusement and interest amongst the walkers, especially those with back packs and those with dogs.

The path still has old cobble stones in some areas and, once again I found myself thinking about all the people who had walked over them in the years they had been there. There is something very evocative about old pathways don't you think?

Autumn had definitely come to the park, the tree below was the most beautiful colour, not easily captured by camera, its leaves were drifting gently down to the ground as we walked by.

The Avenue of trees below looked inviting but we hadn't time to divert from the main path.

We walked on until we could see the roof of Chatsworth House amongst the trees. It is years since I first visited the house itself and every year I think that it would be nice to visit again but somehow it is something that never happens - one day perhaps.

I'm guessing that are going to be lots of visitors to the house because of the new film The Duchess and they have an exhibition ready and waiting for them. I really want to see this film but we are waiting until it comes to the film theatre in Stoke rather than go to see it at the huge Odeon complex. I can't bear those places, the noise, the heat, the smell of pop-corn, the loud, garish adverts you have to sit through first. At the film theatre which is on the university campus you can book your ticket in advance, walk in, sit down and the film starts immediately. No fuss, just a nice tranquil experience.

It was time to turn round and retrace our steps and head back to Baslow. We walked back, past the cottages, towards the bridge and into the village.

The Cafe on the Green looked inviting but we had a flask of coffee with us so we consumed that in the car park before setting off towards Chesterfield taking the turn for Cutthorpe to avoid the town centre which is always very busy. Not far from Cutthorpe we saw water buffaloes in a field, Paul stopped to take a photograph and you can see this on his blog Distant Thoughts - link on my side-bar. We had a lovely lunch with my sister and brother-in-law and then made our way to visit my niece and her family in their lovely new home. It was good to see them settled and happy.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful "walk" through the English countryside. What a nice, relaxing way to start my day! Still not sure I understand how the "kissing" gate works... or why it's called that?

  2. It was lovely to take that walk with you, Rosie! ;-)

  3. What a lovely walk. Like you, I've often wondered what it's like to live in these delightful sort of cottages that are right on the road. I would think it would take some getting used to. And, like you, I adore pathways. It's hard not to venture down every one!

  4. As always when I read your posts, I look at the baby, and calculate how much effort it would take to get myself and her in presentable condition to go for a walk. Your post has inspired me again today. Although there is a light misty rain, I'm making the effort and going to venture out.

    Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful photos again.

  5. The English country side is so beautiful,wonder why I go to spain..It was a lovely walk Rosie,i enjoyed it very much.So nice there is a film about me;)
    Its on my list of "must see movies"
    There is a little movie theatre in our town where we go to.I prefer watching movies at home..I hate the loud people,the comercials,big people sitting in front of you,(happens to me all the time)
    Loved the picture of the autumn tree!Have a wonderful weekend...

  6. teresa, a kissing gate's purpose is to give easy passage to people but, at the same time, act as a barrier to animals. Usually only one person can pass through at a time and the reason given about the name is that when a courting couple come to the gate the man can go through first and hold the gate shut - demanding a kiss before letting his girlfriend to follow.

  7. A lovely walk Rosie, I would really enjoy doing it. I like the natural stone the cottages are built from, it always seems mellow and warm to me compared to our slate.

  8. I love Chatsworth and all those chickens!

    I agree with you about the cinema, I think popcorn should be banned or maybe they could have special areas like they used to for smokers, pocorn or non popcorn!

  9. Another lovely walk thanks Rosie. I haven't seen the film either but as I don't really like enjoy the cinema because like you I don't enjoy other people making so much noise will popcorn I think I will wait unitl it's on DVd.

  10. I look forward to seeing 'The Duchess' and now I have been able to view the estate before the film's release.
    Thank you so much for the lovely tour of the English countryside.

  11. Thank you for taking us on this lovely walk with you. Yes, it must be fascinating to think of who walked these paths before, especially in an area so rich in history. The village looks so quaint and it must be an interesting place to live.


  12. Hello Rosie, my name is Helen. I have been following your blog for a little while now and just thought I would pop by and introduce myself. I must say I just love reading yours, and Pauls too, and am in the process of going back and reading it all, from the beginning! I love going for those walks with you in the country-side around Stoke, and into the peak district. Some of the places are familiar to me because my husband comes from Stoke, he was born and grew up in Trent Vale, and so it is a case of reminiscing. Sadly we haven't been up to the area for a couple of years now, my mother-in-law died in April 2006 and there are no other close relatives in the areas. The last time we took her out we went to Trentham, pushing her wheel-chair round the lake and the newly restored gardens before hitting the shops in the new retail site (well, I hit the shops, Bob and his mum sat outside). We have a narrowboat mid-week break booked for a few weeks time going from Gailey, along the shropshire union canal (I think) to Market Drayton. Bob is really excited because it is going through places he knows well, and I am excited because I shall be on a narrowboat. Keep up the good work, Rosie, and thank you.

  13. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and I'm so glad you all enjoyed the walk:)

    hello helen, thanks for leaving a comment and introducing yourself - I'm so glad that you have been enjoying the blog and especially the ones that bring back memories for you. It sound like you are going to have a great time on your canal trip and I hope you and your husband have a wonderful, restful holiday. Those shops at Trentham are great aren't they - also the stylish things they have in the garden centre too:) I hope you will keep popping back and perhaps comment again sometimes.

  14. Thats a great walk, nothing like Chatsworth park to blow the cobwebs away. We will be taking my mum to The Maynard at Grindleford for her birthday and no doubt a wander round the park too.