Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today of All Days

I'd just like to link you to this blog today. It's the blog of a grandson of a WWI soldier, written through his ancestor's letters home and set in timescale, so if you want to learn all about Harry Lamin and his experiences start at the oldest post and work forward. I found this blog fascinating because William Henry Bonser Lamin (Harry) was born 1887 in Awsworth, Nottinghamshire and my grandfather Alexander Joseph Limb (Joe) was also born in Awsworth, three years earlier in 1884. I wonder if they knew of each other?


  1. thank you for your kind comments, Rosie.

    I wonder if your "Joe" is on the school photograph. Would you recognise him?

    Bill Lamin

  2. I shall bookmark the blog you mention and read it this evening - it sounds fascinating.

  3. Bill, I don't think my grandfather would be on your wonderful photo - the family moved to Ilkeston when he was about 5 years old so he would have gone to school there - although probably would have visited his grandparents in Awsworth now and then :)

    rowan, I'm sure you will enjoy reading the letters home and all the background information that Bill has researched:)

  4. Went off for a look at that blog, Rosie. Fascinating stuff! My Great Grandfather was in that war too. I have a picture of him in uniform. He was from Burmingham. How amazing if your grandfather and Bill`s, knew each other!


  5. I know Ilkeston well. I was born and brought up there.

    Coincidently (Dickens would have been proud of this!) Harry also moved to Ilkeston. He left for the war from Mill Street. The house he lived in is still there!


  6. tea, glad you went to take a look it is interesting isn't it?

    bill, it's wonderful isn't it when you can still find the houses your ancestors lived in? I've visited Ilkeston a few times - love the Museum there - grandpa's family lived on Chapel Street, Ilkeston. Before that the Young family (his mother's family) lived on Extension Street (1871) and Belvoir Street (1881).