Sunday, November 04, 2007

Breakfast in Castleton

The last time we visited Castleton in Derbyshire it was on a very hot day in the June of last year - here is my post from that time - yesterday was very different but still unusually warm for the time of year. We set off on our favourite route through Ipstones, Longnor, Tideswell, Miller's Dale, Bradwell, Hope and down into Castleton. I see that last time we had breakfast at the Nags Head, this time we had coffee and toast at the Three Roofs cafe before taking a leisurely stroll round the village.

We passed this little bridge on the way up to Peak Cavern.

We didn't go into the Cavern; we'd both been down there before on trips from school many years ago. We wandered up the path towards Speedwell Cavern and then back down into the village.

We spent ages in the bookshop and came out with a book each, so much for trying to downsize, and one for a present. I hadn't intended to buy anything when we went in but somehow couldn't resist. Paul found a scientific paper on Pterosaurs that he hadn't been able to find before, so he was very pleased with his purchase and I have the most beautiful facsimile of a 1920s nature journal which I will write about later - I spent hours pouring over it last night.

We left the bookshop and went back towards the car park having a quick look in the Heritage Centre on our way. Then we set off to drive back towards Hope and up to the Ladybower Dam of which more in the next post.


  1. Because our country is so much younger than yours, we dont have many buildings left that are any more than 100 years old. Some, but very few. So when I read your post, and especially look at your photos of where you went this weekend, it looks like a fairy tale to me. The old bridges, and stone buildings are beautiful. This post more than any I have read, has made me want to come and see it for myself. Cant see that happening in the next while, so I will just have to enjoy your weekend excursions.

  2. Castleton is an interesting place as well as being in a beautiful setting isn't it? I know the bookshop that you mean, he has some interesting stuff in there.

  3. lois, glad you liked the photos - I must photograph some more old buildings for you to look at. Maybe one day you will visit the UK.

    rowan, I could spend hours in that bookshop :)