Monday, July 16, 2007

Something Cheerful

My parents used to have a saying something along the lines of 'I wish I had a penny for every time I've heard that'. I was thinking today that I wish I had a penny for every time we've said over the last few weeks 'That will have to wait until it stops raining' or 'We need two or three dry days together to do that'. There are so may jobs that need to be done; things like mending the conservatory roof, painting windows and fences, pruning bushes, washing curtains and getting them dry outside in one day so they can be put back up again in the evening. All these things are on hold for the moment. The little gazebo we bought in April lies unused. We can't even cut the grass as it is under water at the top of the garden and the pond has overflowed - again. The white flowered Hebe has collapsed under the weight of rain on it's branches. In all this waiting I count my blessings as so many people have been flooded and have far worse to cope with, many are still homeless; but wouldn't it be wonderful to have just a few warm days together so we can actually 'feel' that it really is summer. We need things to cheer us up and something that has really cheered me up recently is the photograph below.

Isn't it wonderful? I have this photo courtesy of mrsnesbitt'splace as I was lucky enough to win the competition there. Do visit and look at her wonderful photos. I love the simplicity of this scene, the cool looking sea against the brightly coloured paint of the huts - they look fresh and modern. I have wonderful childhood memories of beach huts, though never as smartly painted as these; in my mind they are cream or green and faded by the sun and salt air. Filled with damp towels, buckets and spades and sand - everywhere! I can also smell the egg and tomato sandwiches and taste the hot tea made in a pan on a camping stove.

My friend Robert, a great beach hut connoisseur, will undoubtedly love them too.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeh Rosie, how strange, popped over to Robert's blog and would you believe I used to live very near there as I taught in Nottingham for 10 years. Small World eh!

  2. It is, indeed a very small world. I too lived in Nottingham for a couple of years,near the University :)

  3. Hi Rosie. I'm catching up to say I loved your photo for National Siesta Day. Life in the slow lane is what I aspire to. I want every day to be a siesta day. I've just got to get those purge my brain of its puritanical demons which always have me wanting to do something. If you hear of a cure let me know.

    Then you follow up the puss-cat with some of mrs nesbitt's beach huts. How cruel can you be? Since the Tuesday before last I have had a barking cough and on Tuesday I had to admit defeat and take the day off. Yesterday was a sort of day off as well. but it was Judith's birthday and I had promised to feed her IKEA meat balls, peas, chips and onion gravy. Easy enough under normal circumstances but a real effort yesterday.

    I got the computer to show her the puss-cat, saw the beach huts and groaned. Why can't I so order my life as to have two weeks a year in a beach hut overlooking the sea with a book, a recliner and a blanket so that I can doze the week away?

    Perhaps next year. In the meantime thank you for making me think, not for the first time, that in my third age I have to re-order my life and do more selfish things. Next week I will see the sea and have a paddle as we are going down to Ros in Hastings and will send you a card. Hope to see you when we get back.



  4. Robert, I knew you would like the beach huts. 'A little siesta a day keeps the doctor at bay - well, thats what I say, anyway' seriously, it isn't being selfish to have what people now call 'me' time every once in a while- it helps to clear the mind and set you up for carrying on doing all the work you do - everyone needs a rest from their day to day chores and activities.

    Hope the cough gets better and that you have a wonderful holiday. Have a paddle on the beach for me:)