Thursday, July 26, 2007

Only a Dream

I had a dream last night that it rained and rained and rained non-stop for two or three years and that finally the sea took over. It came up the rivers and divided our country into small islands again. The water stretched from the Severn estuary to the Wash and there really was a north/south divide, a permanent, watery one. Beautiful buildings were lost, just church spires occasionally appearing above water and floating in the sea were books, teddy bears, cups, kettles and hair brushes. I was drifting up above it all powerless to stop it. I'm so glad I woke up but this morning I feel strangely detached from reality and am finding it really hard to get going.


  1. Hi Rosie :)

    Sure hope it starts to dry up over there! Terrible dream you had. No wonder you found it hard to get going in the morning. Since I`ve quit smoking...6th day now with the patch, I have very vivid dreams at night. Some disturbing and others like almost being in a movie....weird.
    That statue agree, it is amazing. I`d love to visit that place. And the museum there sounds fascinating.


  2. hello, tea - dreams can be very disturbing and unsettling - hope yours settle down as you get used to the patches and good luck with giving up smoking - I'm sure you will succeed :)