Friday, January 26, 2007

This and That

I think I'm having my 'blue Monday' today because for some reason I feel quite low and can't put my mind to doing anything positive. I'm sort of drifting through the day instead of grabbing hold of it, as a friend of mine used to say 'it's like wrestling with blancmange'. Must get my self going though as there is so much to do.

This weekend we are definitely going to do the RSPB's 'Big Garden Birdwatch' we've participated in this for the last three years but I have noticed that the varieties of birds we get now are less than when we first started. I've noticed that this year in particular there are fewer finches around. We do have regular visits from the blackbird family who nested in our hedge last spring. 'Mr Blackbird', as we call him, is quite fearless and has been known to sit on the bird feeder whilst we are putting food on the table. We have several blue-tits and coal-tits visit for the fat balls, also a pair of collard doves and one huge wood pigeon visit regularly. This morning I saw a Robin on the bird table. Yesterday whilst I was clearing up and re-stocking the feeders and cleaning the bird table I heard a familiar 'honking' noise in the distance and then that swooshing of flapping wings and I looked up to see hundreds of geese flying in three lots of V formation. I'm not used to seeing them fly over the city and it reminded me of when we used to live out on the Lincolnshire fens where we used to see them quite often.

I think we are also, depending on the weather, going to walk a bit more of The High Peak trail, this time walking from Cromford along the canal to the point where you can join the trail, and then up to Black Rock the other way. So there will hopefully be some more photos. We are also going to enter some photos, probably some of the ones we took on New Year's Day (see the post below) for this competition.

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  1. we haven't had as many birds in our garden this year, either. I think finches suffered from the heat last summer.