Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They did warn us, didn't they?

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Well, we were warned that global warming would lead to hot dry summers and warm wet winters and this week, the warm wet winter is really happening. This means that the garden is absolutely sopping wet – we have clay soil - and wellies are needed to walk anywhere on the garden because the lawns are under water and squelching and the pond is overflowing. A garden project we started in November and hoped to complete over the Christmas & New Year break has been abandoned and everything looks awful. The cats, bless them, are trampling in bits of garden and I’m sure I’ve washed the floors, windowsills and flat surfaces twice a day every day this week – I daren’t look at the spare bed – I’ve just covered it over with an old blanket because the cats like to sleep there. So rain, rain, wind and rain means no gardening, no walks, no photographs and a very fed up, lacking in inspiration and disgruntled me. That lovely, sunny New Year’s day walk seems so long ago.

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