Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Day Out

After the dreadful wet day we had experienced on Friday, Saturday was a glorious day of bright sunshine coupled with a seasonal nip in the air. We set off on our day out about 8.30.a.m and drove through Ashbourne, Matlock and Clay Cross, down to the Heath roundabout and up to Scarcliffe. We bumped into a relative as we pulled up to park in front of the church, she'd been putting a wreath on her first husband's grave. Harry was one of Dad's younger brothers who was killed down the pit in the 1970s. We donned wellies to go up into the churchyard as it was very wet and muddy. After placing our Christmas wreath on Mum and Dad's grave we drove over to Bolsover Castle for a warm cup of coffee and then spent a wonderful hour looking around. It was a long time since I'd been inside the castle and only the third time I'd been considering I lived for many years only two miles away.

When we had finished our visit we drove up to Chesterfield and had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, swapping cards and presents and then set out to pick up my niece and her children and it was off to the family party where we met up with my other niece and her family and many members of my brother-in-law's family whom I hadn't seen for ages. The children were entertained by a circus act who showed them how to juggle, spin plates and ride a uni-cycle amongst other things and then Father Christmas arrived and all the children received a present and a cracker before quiet descended as supper was served and little mouths were silenced as food was consumed. Their little faces shone with happiness and delight.

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