Monday, October 16, 2006

A Day at the Quays

On Saturday we drove up to Altrincham, parked the car and caught the metrolink tram to Salford Quays. Our first stop was The Lowry where we sat in the foyer drinking a much needed cup of coffee whilst gazing out of the huge windows onto the world outside and at the same time, observing the comings and goings inside. The architecture was stunning and at the same time welcoming. After coffee we went up the escalators to the exhibition area and wandered around the Lowry galleries, the ‘Our House’ and ‘Worktown’ exhibitions and watched the film on Lowry’s life. I couldn’t resist a small purchase in the shop as I found a postcard and pin broach of one of my favourite Lowry paintings called ‘Gentleman Looking at Something’.

We then wandered over the bridge and down to the Imperial War Museum North. Here again I found myself gazing upwards at the actual structure of the building as I wandered around the exhibitions. There is so much to see here that we were ages. P was particularly fascinated with the suspended Harrier jump jet and the T34 Russian tank. We decided to have lunch in the museum but after finding the café and deciding it was just too noisy we left but not before we climbed up the 166 steps to the viewing platform where we could see the Lowry in its full glory across the canal and in the distance the Old Trafford football ground. We found lunch in the Lowry shopping centre and then wandered back along the quayside paths to the metrolink, where there were lots of football supporters from both teams making their way up to Old Trafford. In no time at all we were headed back towards Altrincham where we picked up the car and drove home.

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