Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm used to getting lots of letters in the post containing pens; there is a huge collection of them by the telephone. I even used to get them with a few bronze coins inside. Today I had an envelope containing a white plastic tooth brush, it is there, lurking in the see-through address bit of the envelope - I haven't opened it yet. What am I supposed to do with it? I suppose it is there to prove a point about something dreadful somewhere in the world rather than for me to use it, I can only use a sensodyne toothbrush* anyway, any other would rip my gums to shreds, so it will probably go into the cleaning bucket to scrub those little corners that are hard to reach.

I just know when I do eventually get round to opening it, that it will be a desperate appeal for funds from some charity or other and I know I will feel guilty for ignoring it but I can't give to everything. I have my favourite charities** and I give when I can, but this is emotional blackmail apart from the fact that the money could have been put to better use than spending on toothbrushes.

I just sit here thinking, Why?

* I suppose some people would say I'm lucky to be able to have the choice and indeed I am.
** Shelter, Salvation Army***, Missing Persons Helpline, Womensaid and the PDSA .
*** not because of any religious beliefs, more for the good work they do with the homeless and missing persons. They also, many years ago, brought their band on to the front lawn of my granny's house and played for her as she lay, dying, on her bed near the window, it brought her great joy.


  1. The toothbrush would come in handy for scrubbing the tile grout...or maybe getting in those hard to reach places in the toilet :-P

    I know what you mean though, it is getting ridiculous these days, all the money they waste on sending us these things couyld go to the charity itself *rolleyes*

  2. Jen

    Said toothbrush has helped me clean round the taps in the bathroom.

    Would you believe that this morning I've received in the post a promotional offer from Hellmann's with a lavender plastic, dishwasher safe 'Hellmann's Extra Light Scraper Outerer'?

    Wonder what useful implement will drop through the letter box next?

  3. I got one of those scraper outerers too.
    It has actually come in handy as we do use a lot of Mayo these days.