Saturday, June 10, 2006

On Top of the World

Just some of today’s highlights:-

Field after field of golden buttercups as we travelled up towards Hope and Castleton.

Breakfast at the Nag’s Head followed by sitting at the top of the world, well Peveril Castle anyway, with the town of Castleton spread out below and behind it, the stark beauty of Mam Tor.

A late lunch in Edale churchyard with no one but some Pursglove ancestors to keep us company.

The cool and quiet air inside Tideswell church where we just had to visit to see Bishop Robert Pursglove’s rather splendid brass again.

I just wasn't quick enough to photograph the handsome hare that ran across the road just in front of us on the way home, luckily there was no one behind us so we could slow down to let him pass.


  1. Hi I'm a Tideswell man who lives and works in Stoke.

    Saw your article and thought we had some vague similarity.

    I wondered if you might add me to your Links?


  2. Sorry Phil, have only just found your message - I will certainly put in a link to your site as soon as I work how to do it :) I had help with the links already on there.