Monday, May 21, 2012

How is the garden?

When we get back from a short break or holiday almost the first thing we do is dash out into the garden to see what has been happening whilst we have been away.  At this time of year we find lots of changes.

The rhododendron is in flower and looking wonderful!

The perennial cornflowers are out too

as are the aquilegias

There's plenty of grass, buttercups and dandelions growing in amongst the plants and wildlife like butterflies, bees and ladybirds flitting around the garden.

Some of the baby birds have fledged and it has been amusing watching the young sparrows and starlings taking instruction on how to feed on the lawns from their parents.  We haven't seen any young blackbirds or robins yet.  I do fear for them though as there is a sparrowhawk around patrolling the gardens.

We have found what we think is a wren's nest up under the eves of the garden shed.  We spotted a wren in the garden a few weeks ago but we also have a regular coal tit visitor to the garden so it could be its nest. Today we saw a very small bird fly out from under the shed roof but it was too quick to identify it.  I hope it is a wren!

Edit Wednesday 23rd May - it is definitely a wren, we've seen it going in and out of the nest!


  1. It must be wonderful to return home and see your garden in bloom! Mine is slowly getting there as everything is so far behind this year. I hope you have a wren in your garden too! Such pretty little birds. x

  2. I know exactly how you feel as that is what I do as well - everything seems to look much better when you have been away for a few days. Your garden is looking lovely and lucky you for having a wrens nest.

  3. My garden looks rather unloved at the moment. I could really do with a bit of a tidy up out there.

  4. This post was well timed - I was looking at some flowers that had appeared outside and wondering if they were a type of cornflower - now I know they're perennial cornflowers!

    I haven't been away but have noticed a big change in the last few days around our garden.

  5. I hope its a wren too - we have a nest somewhere in the garden - I havn't found it, but one year we had 3 tiny tiny baby wrens all sat on the back of one of the garden chairs. Your garden has burst into flower! Welcome back. x

  6. I love all the moss in the bird's nest.
    And the ladybug is such a good visitor in the garden!

  7. Some lovely flowers blooming there and now with this sun, no stopping them. Sweet little nest. x

  8. Glorious feeling it must be, to find all that beauty, just waiting for You...
    Pictures are absolutely gorgeous !!!
    Best to You Rosie !

  9. I do exactly the same thing Rosie. Things seem to move on so much when you are not watching from day to day!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a wren.


  10. Love your flowers Rosie. I took some photos this weekend. Everything is so late this year though but hopefully this sun we are having here today will have the desired effect. xx

  11. Now I know that those blue flowers in my garden are called 'Cornflowers'..thank you Rosie :)

  12. Your garden is lovely and beautiful. I especially liked the aquilegias - have never seen one before.

  13. Lovely, lovely photos hon! It must be bliss to return home to such a gorgeous garden :-) You really do have a 'green thumb'. I hope your holiday was fab! Becks x

  14. We are the same about our garden here in the city when we have spent a few days at Cranberry Cottage and the other way around. Your garden is looking beautiful even having taken a break.

    I just posted about rhododendrons on my blog today. Ours at the cottage is finished blooming as it is an early one but the one in the city is really showing off right now. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. I love the flowers in your garden, which looks beautiful. I have yet to plant, as it is only in the last week that the weather has warmed upand the danger of frost seems to have passed.

    I have big plans for the garden, so I should take advantage of a dry day and get outside to do some work.

    Marie x

  16. It's amazing how much difference there can be in the garden in the space of a few days isn't it? How lovely to have a wren's nest in your garden, hopefully you'll be able to watch the babies learning to fly soon:)