Friday, August 26, 2011

Scenes from Yesterday

We had a lovely day out in Shropshire yesterday and it is hard to believe in the rain of today what a glorious day it was.  The weather was perfect.  We visited two wonderful places quite close to each other namely Attingham Park and Wroxeter Roman City. I'll do a post about each of them later but here are just a few photos from Attingham Park which, for me, capture the spirit of the day.

Tortoiseshell butterfly on statice flowers in the walled garden

Young swallows waiting to be fed on the bean tunnel in the walled garden.  More photos  here

Display in the old cottages near the glasshouses in the walled garden

A young Jersey calf  in the pastures around the Mansion

Tree- sculpture on the long walk between the courtyard stables and the walled garden

Outside the garden cottages

Apples in the orchard

French climbing beans - Blue Coco from the garden produce shop

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. What great photos. A miserable morning here but the sun has peeped out so cross fingers for the weekend.

  2. Pretty, pretty, pictures - the butterfly really grabbed my attention....

    Looking forward to the following post.


  3. A decidedly bad day for butterflies today. I'm intrigued to learn where the next post will take me. Have a great weekend.

  4. Stunning shots, such lush nature overthere!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. I love the photo of the butterfly on the purple flowers and those little birds are gorgeous.
    I'm intrigued by the fifth photo.
    Anne xx

  6. I love the butterfly, the bicycle with the basket and trailer and also the curious calf. Is that 5th photo a mobile suncatcher?

  7. Can't think why, but I've not looked in for a while ... silly me! Your photos are always so refreshing! Thank you for those!
    Margaret P

  8. What a great walk. Lovely shots - like Lydia, I loved the butterfly. My poor girl was camping at a music festival in all that rain - she got washed out.

  9. Another lovely day out. I hope you enjoyed your Birthday weekend too! x

  10. Thanks as always everyone for you comments:)

    Amanda - it hasn't been the best BH weekend weather has it? :)

    Lydia - glad you like the photos:)

    John - it hasn't been a great weekend for butterflies:)

    Michela - thanks - nothing like beautiful Tuscany though:)

    Anne - I've e-mailed you about the sculpture:)

    H - and I've e-mailed you about the sculpture too:)

    Margaret - glad you came back to visit - hope you come back again:)

    Diane - I was so lucky to get some great photos of butterflies. Hope your DQ doesn't get too wet:)

    Simone - thanks for remembering my birthday - we had a lovely day:)

  11. What a happy capture of the butterfly, Rosie! And I love that tree sculpture:)

  12. Sigh. Lovely, lovely! Sure do miss the English countryside :-(