Friday, July 16, 2010

Up the Hill

We've just got back from a couple of days in Lincolnshire. The first day was spent with friends in and around Spalding where we used to live before we moved over here. After an overnight stay with one of those friends we drove up to Lincoln. The last time we visited was in 2004 and there are a few changes since we were last in the city.

We parked at Brayford Waterfront which is all very smart with lots of whizzy and chic places to eat and drink along this side of the marina. The University of Lincoln is on the other side.

We headed along the river towards the city centre. The old building over the River Witham is Stokes coffee shop, bakery and cafe with wonderful creaking floors and staircases inside.

Down a little alley next to the coffee shop and out onto the main shopping street in the lower part of the city.

This is the start of what is known in Lincoln as Steep Hill - are you ready for the climb? Hope you have your sturdy, comfy shoes on as the cobbles can make your feet sore!

Up past this old building knows as Jews Court - it used to be the headquarters of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology and I've been to one or two meetings here in the past.

Let's take a diversion into Temple Gardens before it rains!

The Usher Art Gallery is closed for refurbishment but we can visit the new museum called simply 'The Collection' - the interior is quite stunning - this is the foyer. The displays are on the early history of the area - stone, iron and bronze ages through to Roman and Viking invasions up to Anglo Saxon and early medieval times.

The sun is out again so let's venture further up the hill.

Go on, get those legs working!

You have the right idea, Mr Puss!

Let's look back and see how far we have walked - quite a way! That's a lovely old second hand book shop on the corner.

Time for another diversion. This is the Pot Shop where the owner makes replica pottery from all the ages mentioned above. I have one of his jugs bought ages ago at the Lincolnshire Show when the museum I worked for had a stand there. Well, as you've probably guessed I bought another one to go with it. I'll show it to you in another post.

Here is The Arbour florists where you can buy herbs and lavender and rose petals and hops and fresh larkspur - I was slightly worried about the last one as I thought larkspur was poisonous - perhaps someone with knowledge of plants and herbs will tell me.

Past the famous Wig and Mitre pub - sorry I didn't take a photo as I was clutching my newly purchased jug and trying not to fall on the cobbles and break it!

The magnificent west front of Lincoln Cathedral - we didn't have time to go in on this visit although we have been inside several times in the past. We always have to search for the Lincoln Imp when we go inside.

Ditto Lincoln Castle - there is a copy of the Magna Carta here which we have seen on a previous visit it is one of only four remaining and is the property of Lincoln Cathedral.

View from the castle to the cathedral.

The bunting was blowing brightly in the strong breeze - time to return to the car and find somewhere to have a very late lunch.

Here is a - link - to Paul's post on our visit to Lincoln.


  1. A place I've never been. Oh, I did enjoy this!

  2. I love Lincoln, and its not too far a drive for us so we have been a lot. Steep hill is VERY steep! It all looks really lovely - I'll pop over to Pauls blog and have a look at his photos too. xxxxx

  3. What a lovely place!!!!! I must go sometime! Tracey (near Spalding!) xxx

  4. Hi Rosie!
    I was just writing that I had a bloggy friend from Spalding (Tracey)!
    It looks like a beautiful town..and a very hard walk to take ;-)
    Have a good weekend

  5. That looks like a really lovely place! I've never been to Lincoln before, or even heard much about it but I'll definitely add it to my 'Places to Explore' list after seeing your photos!

  6. It all looks so wonderful. I bet your legs are aching today after walking up that steep hill!!!

  7. From the castle to the cathedral...only when one doesn't live in Eur. anymore, you know what a privilege it is!!
    Cobblestones - yikes, I remember -noo high heels:) and walking instead of biking, especially if it's cobblestones up a hill!
    I guess you got your exericise in for the weekend:)

  8. This sounds like a great place to visit. You did a great job "selling" me! I would love to make that trip!

  9. I've never been to Lincoln - but I think I'd like to go now.It looks like just our sort of place. We do like a good cathedral and castle to visit, with some pretty shops on the way!
    Love Kathy xxx

  10. It's blogs like yours that make me long for England!

    The bakery etc over the river might be a little un-nerving to sleep in --what if it collapsed in the middle of the night?

    I have only been to Lincoln once and loved it.

  11. We last ventured to Lincoln about 7 years ago and got trapped there by blizzards! It is a beautiful place, especially loved for its history. Thankyou for the lovely pictures xx

  12. Lovely visit, Rosie! I very much enjoy your mini travelogues.... please keep them up... I'm learning!

  13. Steep Hill is always worth the climb, there are some lovely little shops as well as the cathedral when you get to the top. I'm glad to see that the bookshop is still there, time for another visit to Lincoln I think. The Collection sounds as though it's well worth seeing and I definitely have to visit the Pot Shop, that's new since I was last in Lincoln which was a few years ago now. Great post.

  14. At least to have the shops etc, are a good excuse to stop for a breather up Steep Hill! Really interesting history to the area, one I have never visited, but would certainly like to one day? We really are spoilt for choice in the UK, aren't we? It's unusual to see a building built right across a river! x