Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here we go!

The heating is on and the house is warm. The cats are all in for the night, whether they like it or not. As I'm 'cat sitting' next door's cat she too is in and warm with the lights on and the curtains drawn against the coming storm. As if they knew they should enjoy the day and feed as much as they could the birds have been whirling around the garden and bird table all day, starlings, collard doves, wood pigeons, sparrows, great tits, blackbirds and magpies I worry for them tonight, where do they go? How do they cope?

There is an apple cake cooling on the kitchen table and the vegetables are prepared for our evening meal - mashed carrot and potato, red cabbage and leek and potato sausages topped with sliced mushrooms - to be eaten as soon as the worker comes home.

I saw the children on their way home from school rushing in excited anticipation. Outside the light is fading, the street lights are coming on and there is a stillness in the air, the lull before the storm.

So Remember Remember the 5th of November all you like, we are all safe at home, warm, cosy and well fed, curtains closed and fire turned up, protected from the noise and chaos outside.


  1. Edward and I would choose to be inside with you....warm, cozy and safe!

  2. I would rather be tucked up warm inside. I was worried letting Gizmo out this morning but he came home at 3.00PM and I have kept him in until tomorrow. So far it is eerily quiet. It is pitch black outside but I have not seen or heard one firework!

  3. Your home sounds so inviting, especially the evening meal ;-)

  4. oh absolutely!curtains drawn, pets in, tv on. Millie is terrified, she sits on my knee and tries to get closer and closer. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just one night, but it goes on for weeks now at least until New Year's Eve.
    Rosie x

  5. Warm and fire works here..I am a bit afraid of fireworks!!We lived in Amsterdam for a few years,and on new years eve it was a crazy place.I used to stand on a bridge across one of the many canals and hide under my husbands jacket!!

  6. What are potato sausages? Don't remember those. But I DO remember celebrating Guy Fawkes day..... a bonfire that night, potatoes in their jackets, fireworks and bonfire toffee!! Yum! What a fun holiday it was for a kid. We used to help gather wood and twigs and Dad would build the bonfire in our back yard.

    Thank you for identifying my red and white mushroom... I had no idea that was its real name!

  7. Thanks for all your comments everyone - hope you and all your animals stayed warm and safe last night:)

    Duchess, the fireworks of today are so noisy aren't they?

    Teresa, I should have put cheese, leek, chickpea and potato sausages as that is what they are made of - vegetarian sausages - they taste lovely:)

  8. Dear Rosie, I hope you post your recipe for the veggie sausages, they sound delicious.

    Well, we are over bonfire night, I think our recent double glazing helped to soften the noise this year but my dog still gets very spooked when he is outside.

    I wonder why fireworks have to make such loud bangs? My husband says that that is what makes them exciting. I feel they are a visual thing so it would make no difference to me and animals would surely prefer silent fireworks.

  9. It was very quite in my area on Bonfire Night.I think the weather didn't help. You paint a lovely picture of your home it sounds so inviting.

  10. Oh how delightful! You paint pictures with words, like a cat purring! I am so inspired! I want to write again - it was always my dream as a girl to become a writer of children's books. Just as you used to play musuems and librarian, I used to write 'books'in exercise books and play schools. I became a teacher. Here I am writing to someone on the otherside of the world, I have made a start as a writer, just by blogging!
    I want to create an award to give people who inspire me, who make my heart leap. I will have to learn how to do it!
    I am sending JOY and Warmth and smiles your way today!

  11. Valerie, I'll type it up and put it on here soon:)

    rosie, thanks for your kind words - the house doesn't feel cosy today - can't get warm for some reason:)

    Vintage Rose - welcome and thank you for your lovely comment - I'm glad you have enjoyed your visit and hope you will return:)