Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Woodland Walk

It is such a lovely day today I thought we would walk in the woods. The early morning mist still lingers in the air. The leaf covered pathways crunch beneath our feet.

As we walk under the trees the quick patter of water droplets make it sound as if it is raining, it isn't; it is just the falling of dew and the remnants of yesterday's downpour cascading gently through the leaves. Drops occasionally spatter us but we don't mind at all.

We carry on into the pine forest, following in the tracks of deer, listening to the birds call and the squirrels scatter. Under the trees it smells earthy and damp; bracket fungus grows on the fallen branches.

Then we are out into the clearing. It is still slightly misty but the sun is burning through. From here we have company, a photographer gazes patiently up into the trees, waiting for the right moment to click the shutter. A couple of walkers meander by, excited dogs on a long lead running ahead in anticipation.

At the edge of the clearing the stands little white house; it is boarded up now. When we first started to walk in these woods people lived here, there were children's swings and slides in the garden, wheel barrows by the back door and woodsmoke curling from the chimney. Now it is empty and forlorn.

The sun is coming out now, glinting through the twisted branches of the trees, as we make our way towards our destination we can feel its warmth spreading on our backs.

At last we reach the lake where the autumnal trees on the island glow and quiver in the sunlight.

The reflections are stunning; the ducks and geese take flight, calling, as if to tell us, of their joy at living here in this magical place.


  1. Dear Rosie,the pictures are wonderful..I enjoyed making this lovely walk with you.Autumn is magical!Thank you for sharing..

  2. I love your walks..they really help to de-stress me!! ;-)

  3. I think woodland walks are the best, like being in an outdoor room.

  4. My soul, how wonderful your walk was! Thank you for sticking me in your pocket... I loved it. Nothing better in the world than strolling under big trees.

    Happy Saturday to you!

  5. Thank you for this, Rosie! This is beautiful!

  6. I enjoyed that so much.Woodland walks are my favourite.I'd love to live in that house!

  7. That truly looks like a magical place. How sad that the white house stands empty now.

  8. I really enjoyed this post. I go for walks in the woods around my home and you have described the sounds so perfectly. Your beautiful and relaxing pictures make me wish I was out there right now!