Friday, March 14, 2008

Three Years Ago

Three years ago on March 14th 2005 I started this blog. I knew very little about what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve but I knew I wanted to get started. I can't even remember where I came across the idea of blogging or what particular blog had influenced me to have a go myself. It was with great trepidation that I pressed the publish button wondering what would happen, well the answer is nothing much for the first few weeks; I may have been talking to myself but I was enjoying it.

The thing I notice most about my first posts and those I write now are the technological accessories I now have access to to enhance each post and also the layout of the blog. Mostly photos, of course. When I started I didn't have a digital camera so the early posts are mostly just my words. I learned how to do links. I had no additional photos to decorate the blog with and the stat counter and visitor map were only added in the last year but all wonderful additions - I enjoy seeing where l visitors come from.

Last but not least was that I began to get a few comments from people and some of those people are now regular visitors and I'm thrilled that you all return and leave encouraging comments it means so much - thank you, I love to see you here and I love to visit your blogs.

My very first post was about a walk on the Cromford Canal ( not much change there then) and seeing the little dab chicks. I notice too that in my first few posts I always had a highlight of the day and a gripe of the day - that soon disappeared though.

So to commemorate the start of this blog it's back to where I started, dab chicks or little grebes on the Cromford Canal - I took this photo a short while ago when we visited Cromford on a very sunny day in late February.

Below is a photo of Wheatcroft's wharf on the canal, this is now one of the two cafes at the site.

Of course, now we have even more technology I can show you a little film too; here are the dab chicks in action.

I've just noticed that I've been tagged by Rosie so I'll be back over the weekend to do that; later today I have training with Royal Mail ready for next week's work. Have a great weekend.


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you. You were doing it for nearly two years before you told us and it's probably time to forgive you for the lapse, so, Rosie, I forgive you.

    More importantly I have to thank you for encouraging me to start my blog just over a year ago. I can't imagine not doing it. Blogging is definitely habit forming. Once again my thanks. Nor can I imagine life without a daily visit to Corners of my Mind to see what's new.

    Love xxx


  2. Yours is always a pleasure to read. :)

  3. I check in with your blog at least once a day! It's the most peaceful part of my day. Congratulations on making it three years!

  4. Rosie, your blog is steady and calming. I always look forward to seeing a new title peeking out when I click on your page. I wonder if that is how people see you in your real life, and if our blogs end up reflecting who we are as people.
    It is a wecome addition to my day, keep it up.


  5. Just felt I had to say thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

  6. Keep writing. I love to read of your trips out, especially as I don't live far away.

  7. fern, how nice it is to know you still pop by to read about my meanderings -if you don't live too far away we must visit the same places sometimes.