Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Cat sat on the Mat

We had to buy a new door mat yesterday because one of our cats,Tom, has decided - even though we have two litter trays in the house - that the doormat is infinitely preferable. As you can see from the photo, because it is clean and fresh and new Chloe has decided to lay claim to it before Tom can make his 'mark' on it. Cats, eh? ....... who'd have 'em?


  1. blech!
    We are finally rid of the cat and that horrid smell is getting under control with the help of some very expensive enzymatic cleaner.
    I can relate, Rosie, it's no fun dealing with that smell!

  2. What a pretty cat Chloe is. Is Tom old? I had similar problems with one or two of my cats whenthey got really old - a couple of them live to a considerable age.

  3. Rowan, Tom is about 16 years old - we took him in a few years ago - he was very ill earlier this year and we nearly lost him but he is still going strong at the moment :) Chloe and her brother Max are 11.

    sissy, hope you were able to re-home your cat and that your home is smelling sweeter :)