Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Seasonal Pleasures

One of my favourite cookery books is Seasonal Pleasures by Rosamond Richardson and I was flicking through it's pages today seeking inspiration for something to do with all our gooseberries. We have made a few jars of jam but we wanted to try something else this year.

I think of all the summer berries gooseberries are my favourite - in fact there is nothing like a good gooseberry crumble
served with either custard, greek youghurt or vanilla ice cream as a special pudding - so a few of those will be made and frozen and we have decided to try gooseberry chutney and gooseberry and elderflower preserve too.


  1. Oh Ros, how could you! Mentioning other things as well as custard. There is only one thing for a crumble as good as yours - custard. Yogurt and ice cream have their place in the order of things, but they both look up to a good custard and so they should. I am only going to mention cream once. In the company of custard it is worthy of being no more than an additive to the custard (yes, I admit I add it to custard on special occasions).

    I've always wanted to write a fantasy history of custard and its impact on the world and everyday life. Imagine a country governed by champion Gooseberry Crumble and Custard* makers. It would be a grand coalition made in heaven with you as the PM. I want to live there.

    So. Ros, please stick to the custard when writing about gooseberry crumble, even if in private you do other things.

    PS. * The capital letters are deliberate.

    See you Tuesday. In the meantime Love to you and he indoors.

  2. Oh, Robert, you've just made me spray the screen with coffee - note to self - stop drinking coffee whilst reading messages from Robert :)

    I think you should be chairman of the custard makers guild or head custard maker in this fantasy world where custard reigns supreme - I read your message out to Paul - he said something about us being taken into 'custardy'.

    See you Tuesday - do we need wellies? Arm-bands? :)