Friday, January 06, 2006

Kicking and Screaming

I suppose I’d better bring this blog kicking and screaming into 2006. Well, actually it’s me doing the kicking and screaming – not literally you understand. I hate New Year at the best of times. Being one of those ‘cup half empty’ people (in my defense I try not to be but I can’t help it) coupled with a tendency towards the winter blues I find it a most depressing and maudlin time of year. Memories flash around in my brain and I find myself thinking of people who are long gone from this world. So I try to ignore the fact that it is a new year and just try to get on with those everyday kind of things that stop you thinking too much. Well, I would if I could but everything seems to be on the blink. The cooker fan works occasionally, when it feels like it. There is something wrong with the vacuum cleaner, the iron has packed up, we had to buy a new kettle and the key broke in the back door on New Years Eve and not a locksmith or key cutter open before Tuesday 2nd. We are also trying to design a new kitchen and it is driving us to distraction. Oh well, in the scheme of things this is nothing but it is all adding to the high blood pressure I now discover I have.

A belated Happy New Year by the way.

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