Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Into 2008

Sometimes life is just full of little surprises - Happy New Year!

Today I began to feel a little better. We had a long walk in a very misty and murky Manifold Valley - not many people around when we set out but quite a few when we came back - too misty for photos I'm afraid. Paul cooked a lovely lasagne later on, I put up the new calendars and we had visits and phone calls from friends and neighbours - I'm still coughing but it all seems easier now.


  1. Hope you`re feeling better there! Sounds like it was a rough one. Happy New Year!


  2. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Happy New Year.x

  3. hi there tea and rosie - thanks for your kind words - Happy New Year to both of you :)

  4. Goodness I must have walked past you! Did you see all those vintage motorbikes at the cafe? Not usually my sort of thing but my boys loved them. Do hope the lurgy leaves you soon.
    Happy New Year! Warm wishes

  5. Hi Steph - didn't see the motorbikes - when we arrived there was just us and another car in the parking areas when we came back both bays were full and people waiting to park - we didn't go over to the cafe as we'd taken a flask of coffee thinking it would be shut. I wonder if we did pass by each other? - as we walked back there were lots of large groups of people but I don't remember passing any with little ones :) I was really concerned about the cow that had fallen over in the ditch - as we passed by they were trying to rescue it - hope it was ok.